The family (39, 38, 8 and 3 years) lived in the heel of a family house in Pbram. The father works as a manager in a private company and has an income of about 17,000 people, the mother is allowed maternity leave. Based on the experience of close relatives of a similar age, who are forced only for disability pensions due to tragic health reasons, they decided to find out whether it is possible to insure a similar risk.

Poadavky a cle

The father assumed that if he became fully disabled, then:

  • in case of some of these health complications it would be necessary to carry out technical repairs of the house, e.g. in values ​​of about 150,000 K
  • it would be good to have a certain amount for health expenses above the limit of the health insurance company, e.g. approx. 200,000 K
  • his disability pension would be around 8,500 9,500 K and would therefore like to charge and connect in addition to the payment insurance, so that at the end of the insurance period he has at least 300 000 K, end insurance period with regard to mon daov levy vol in 60s age

Chtl by tedy vdt:

1. How types of insurance disability are available on the market?
2. How would the connection be appropriate?
3. How are the parameters and prices of a pslunch product?

Ped nvrhem jakhokoliv een je nutn si uvdomit nkolik zsadnch skutenost:

  • Disability can be from the point of view of the person on the wall or full wall
  • Disability can arise both due to illness and illness
  • It is said that the conditions of the social security system for the granting of these pensions are usually very strict, they are generally paid for by paying different doors (three of the things that give some of them or are already being used up, always know)
  • Compensation for loss of income in the case of a paid invalidity pension cannot be substantially insured (it is necessary to have your own financial reserves or liquid unnecessary assets)
  • They are always wrong to the extent that disability can endanger incomes and life. Nap. if the computer programmer will have a disability on both feet, his work and income may not be affected, if this happens to the case of a truck, it will mean a long-term loss of income.
  • It is always necessary to compare the probability of certain risks of the event, the financial impact on life and the cost of long-term insurance.
  • Some insurance companies are full only in the event that the disability arose for a reason

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Nvrh a

1. What types of disability insurance are available on the market?

Insurance companies basically offer two types of insurance for full disability (usually only as a connection to another basic insurance):

a) One-time payment of agreed insurance:

  • In general, this is a safe moment of financial resources.
  • The advantage is the immediate financial pinos suitable for example. for financial costs, adaptation of housing, medical aids, etc. After the eventual termination of the disability pension from the social security system due to improved health, it is not necessary to return this paid link.
  • The disadvantage is the immediate termination of this insurance and in the case that it is connected to another basic insurance, then the need to pay insurance basic insurance, pp. its reduction or vpov. Another disadvantage is that insurance premiums are often derived from basic insurance premiums and this increases the price.

b) The so-called from payment of insurance:

  • In general, this is a secure means in the future.
  • The advantage is that in the case of a full disability pension, the insurance company pays the basic insurance premium, nor are the claims from other insurance events affected.
  • The disadvantage is the immediate disappearance of this connection and regular proof of insurance, that full disability lasts.

2. How would the insurance be appropriate?

In general, the probability of full disability is relatively low. In the case of walls of disability in some disabled people, the current workload of the father would allow him to continue working and receive roughly the same income.

A suitable product would therefore be one in which, in the event of full disability, the insurance company would pay a one-off amount of approximately 350,000 K and the current amount at the end of the insurance period would be at least 300,000 K.

For this case, you may need some type of flexible life connection, which can set its parameters in the required range.

3. How are the parameters and prices of a pslunch product?

Transparency looks like 3 similar flexible products life insurance in 3 songs:

A. Pojiovna A

The insurance policy for disability is higher than the insurance policy for death in the case of the main insurance company, in the amount of 50%. In order to achieve full disability in the amount of 350,000 K, the insurance premium in the event of death must be 700,000 K. The total insurance premium will be credited to approx.

B. Pojiovna B

Insurance for disability is dependent on the insurance policy in case of death in the main insurance company, in the amount of 100%. In order to achieve full disability in the amount of 350,000 K, the insurance policy in the event of death must be 350,000 K. At the same time, it is not possible to insure against the payment of insurance premiums. The total insurance will be 1,085 K msn. At the end of the connection, approx. 153,000 K will be used

C. Pojiovna C

For this insurance company, the disability insurance policy is the same as the death insurance policy for the main insurance company, so the death insurance policy will be zero. At the same time, it is not possible to insure against the payment of the insurance premium, we can also minimize the amount of insurance and the large amount of insurance will go to the risk component for disability. The total insurance will be 500 K msn. At the end of the connection, approx. 48,000 K will be connected

On this example, it can be seen that the insurance conditions are known differently for the connection and often compared often.

In the case of Pojiovna A, the salary for the insurance claim in the event of death is increased, but here it is free of charge from the payment of the insurance premium, and this product therefore best meets its requirements.

The product of Pojiovny B, although it does not contain, is therefore a relatively good compromise with regard to the price and probability of risk.

The product of Pojiovny C is the most suitable for covering only full disability. We can even increase the insurance premium to 500,000 K for the same insurance premium. compared to product A (ie approx. 1,000 K msn) in an alternative way and it is not certain whether, in the event that it will only be available for full disability pension, it would be able to save this amount (similarly applies to product B).

It is up to the client which of the mentioned variants he would prefer. It is important that he always gets a choice of several variants. This is not the only mon, it would be possible to find and give variants.


1. Swatches are rounded for simplicity. There is no insurance for ronch payments.
2. In this example, financial institutions and products are used for illustrative purposes only. (Pojiovna A Pojiovna esk spoitelny, FP; Pojiovna B Generali, Life; Pojiovna C SOB, Spektrum; expected to be assessed for all insurance companies – 3.5% pa)
3. Fully invalidity in all the above cases may arise as a result of an accident or illness.

Hints and tips:

  • The supply of products, their prices and the range of various restrictions and the inclusions in individual cases and differences can be very significant in some cases.
  • It is good to have everything put forward for yourself and only then to make a decision. We recommend that you use the services of the best such consultant who does not depend on one specific connection, represents more of them and is thus able to provide you with several options for selection at once.
  • However pauln approach and efforts to simply sell some insurance should pay attention to you. Do not let yourself be manipulated into it without a thorough analysis of your needs and needs.

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How are your experiences with connected invelidity? Do you think that it pays to pay insurance in case of full disability? Drinks them with light.


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