A website born to operate needs 2 factors domain name and hosting (more advanced than server). Hosting is the place where all the data and content of a website is stored. It is a fact that everything has its price although you can use Hosting for free but it doesn’t matter so if you want to develop a web the second thing you should do after buying a domain name is Buy paid hosting.

Of the two factors that make up a website, domain names rarely have problems, whereas most website problems come from Hosting. Therefore, choosing a good quality hosting needs to be a top priority. According to the experience of many webmasters with hosting, it is necessary to put quality and stability factors first, then consider other factors such as price. If you choose cheap, you will most likely spend more time and money to fix possible errors.

Here are list Best Quality Hosting 2021 that tip.com.vn can synthesize and recommend you to use.

TOP Best Quality Hosting 2021 2022

1. Hawk Host

  • Home page: https://www.hawkhost.com/
  • Promotional price: from $2.24/month with 40% coupon when paying for 2 years
  • Free domain name: no
  • Server Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore

Hawk Host is a rare hosting provider with locations in Hong Kong and Singapore where the access speed to Vietnam is very fast. In addition, using the Los Angeles location also gives quite satisfactory results.

Advantages of Hosting at Hawk Host

  • Good quality.
  • Promotion with many great KM value, with lifetime discount promotion.
  • Packages shared hosting very diverse, unlimited domain names.
  • There is Semi Dedicated with high configuration with large load.
  • Let’s Encrypt free SSL integration in cPanel.
  • Memcached and Redis Cache technology support
  • Litespeed Cache support.
  • Good support 24/7.


  • Website: https://azdigi.com/
  • Promotional price: from 29k/month with 10% coupon when paying for 3 years
  • Free domain name: no
  • Server Vietnam: Viettel, FPT

AZDIGI is a service Hosting and VPS/Server provider in Vietnam was founded by Thach Pham, a famous blogger with many in-depth tutorials on web, seo especially WordPress on ThachPham.com. Guaranteed by a reputable blogger so customers won’t have to hesitate much when using AZDIGI’s services.

Advantages of AZDIGI

  • Vietnamese services should use Vietnamese, which is extremely easy to operate.
  • Vietnamese server for extremely fast speed.
  • Maximum support for WordPress platform
  • Many web optimization technologies are used by AZDIGI in Web Hosting
  • Using a RAID-10 Full SSD hard drive for outstanding data reading and writing performance, maximum data security, for the fastest page load speed.
  • Free SSL certificate, simple activation.
  • Daily automatic backup, 99.9% uptime commitment with 24/7/365 support.
  • AZDIGI also uses Litespeed Web Server that supports Litespeed Cache like StableHost and Hawk Host.

3. StableHost.

  • Website: https://www.stablehost.com/
  • Promotional price: from 1.05$/month with 70% coupon
  • Free domain name: Yes
  • Server Asia: Singapore

StableHost is always a high quality hosting provider at a reasonable price. Is the only Hosting service out of the 3 services here that comes with a free domain name when using the service.

Advantages of Stablehost.

  • Cheap price, regular 50% lifetime promotion.
  • There are Singapore and Phoenix (US) locations for extremely fast and stable speeds to Vietnam.
  • SSD hard drive
  • Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited usage.
  • Unlimited domains from PRO plan and above
  • There is a PLATINUM (ENTERPRISE) package for businesses, suitable for sites with a large number of visits, large online, and need configuration.
  • Integrating Let’s Encrypt, with just a few clicks you will immediately have SSL for your website, help increase SEO rankings and enable HTTP/2 to speed up page load.


Above is top 3 suppliers best quality hosting Recommended by many webmasters and bloggers in 2021, 2022. If your financial capacity is limited to use hosting, it is reasonable, but if your website has a huge number of visits, consider upgrading to a vps or server. Please. Good luck.