If you have decided to buy a car, please do not just turn to the bank. These are quite often for leasing companies. To what extent are these vry comparable to bank accounts? Do you get anything extra from them?

Most large leasing companies offer the opportunity to sell the vehicle in two ways: for leasing or for return, both to private individuals and entrepreneurs. If you are not buying a car bag for business, a first consumer consumer is suitable. Its indisputable advantage is that the applicant for ownership becomes the owner of the car, and I can dispose of it according to his name. It is also a coincidence that if you get into financial needs, simply sell it and pay the remaining money to the financial company. You don’t even need a guarantor to write a contract.

One of the cornerstones of the level of offers from leasing companies is to ensure that you do not get information about the issue on their websites and infolines. Definitely don’t expect an overview of flight rates or APR. Leasing companies in the framework of the “it” product on the market usually provide a calculation for a certain type of car (new or used), character, or input down payment based on a percentage, and then bn parameters: length of service, total flow.

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Invest in online promotions or not?
To invest or not to invest in the action of a dynamic sector the action of the person in the framework of “information superdlnice” or the Internet?

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Brigdy – work on agreement
In case the student wants to pay for you, he will look for a brigd. What will this mean for him?

Test sr: Sometimes tunj, other times it matured slightly
Patte k tm, who avoid high-ton srm like ert ki? Then you should know that eidam, which should have 30 percent fat in dry matter, can have twice as much.

Only when you specify these data, you will get the required information – accurate payments on the specific characters and thus the annual rate of the year. Over the years, the rate ranges from 8% per annum. In most cases, it will be up to you with which insurance company to conclude a contract on accident insurance and compulsory liability. As soon as the company offers to take out insurance with a partner insurance company, you will be able to obtain insurance in most cases than with another connection status. Accident insurance cars purchased on behalf of the company require leasing companies automatically, but from a certain point of view they may also require the binding of this insurance in their favor.

However, the majority of the conditions under which you get the car into personal ownership, however, usually do not know right away, because the financial company, as well as banks, articles of association and after the client’s management, so the benefits are only indicative. In general, it is thankful that the sophisticated conditions for obtaining a bank are definitely offered by the bank, on their websites or infolines you will find much more information about the specific consumer bond than with leasing companies. The truth is that it is usually necessary to reveal a relatively large amount of data to the bank, it is not provided to the applicant. In the case of banks, you have to deal with the fees for keeping a bank, sometimes even a bank, which is a waste of the company’s leases.

Company name Nzev vru stka Due date Car emblems, contents Down payment and spltky
SOB Leasing HIT Kredit 300 000 K 36 msc SEAT 1,6 yes (10% of the purchase price) 8 713 K
UNDER SOB Pjka on the car 300 000 K 36 msc SEAT 1,6 born 10 036 K
Cetelem Online pjka na auto 300 000 K 36 msc SEAT 1,6 born 9 609 K

Source: financial institutions

If you want to take the car back from the company’s leasing, then you will have nothing left but to call, visit, and send the leasing company with your request and compare their offers in peace. It would certainly not be a complete waste of time to look at the level of supply of banks and installment companies. Their “acne” or even current offers may be more suitable than the offers of leasing companies. For example, you can currently get an online loan from Cetelem with a fixed annual rate of 7.5% pa

Advantages and disadvantages of a car
+ the car has been the property of the client since the sweat – the need for a down payment (min. 10% of the purchase price)
+ up to the set limit, financial companies do not require collateral – for new cars, you have the total cost to load the car
+ klient me pi pojitn vyut osobnch bonus – horn limited limit, on dra cars do not have to stand
+ decided on whether and how to insure a car accident is on the client’s side – limited to the purchase of an old car (around 10 years of age)

Would you share your car with vr from the company’s leasing company or do you specialize in a bank? Drinks them with light.


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