The minimum monthly salary in the Czech Republic this year is 12,200 crowns. For five years, it is being fulfilled from the outside, the unions propose an increase of 1,500 crowns, ie to 13,700 crowns. The growth of the minimum wage also has negative effects. How much would the employees improve and how would the wage costs of the employers increase? Pinme tyi looks.

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For employees who work for a minimum wage, they do not have to pay the same benefit by CZK 1,500.

The minimum wage is the salary for the gross wage, not for the wage costs of the employer or for a certain wage, which the employee receives on his own.

The calculation of the same salary is an individual matter, two employees with the same gross salary may have the same salary at different rates. The difference is init and several thousand crowns, depending on how high tax discounts individual employees apply, points out Gabriela Ivanco from Mazars.

When working for a minimum wage, you can have a certain wage, even you than the gross one, in the case of applying a tax advantage to more children, when the bonus is used. An employee working in 2018 for a minimum wage, who pays a tax advantageously for two children, has a net wage of 13,352 crowns, ie 1,352 crowns more than his gross wage, according to Gabriela Ivanco from Mazars.