12 phím chức năng trên bàn phím có tác dụng gì? 1

You probably know that the computer keyboard always has a series of keys from F1 to F12 in the first row, so do you know the function or effect of each key? In fact, each key in this series of keys has its own function, so they are often called the F1 – F12 function keys. The following article tip.com.vn will introduce details for you to understand effect of 12 function keysF1- F12 How about on the keyboard?

1. F1 key opens Help.

F1 has the function to open Help (help) in most application programs and also web browsers or utilities. The F1 key when starting the computer is also used to enter the BIOS.

In addition, F1 is also used in combination with other keys.

  • Windows + F1 opens the Microsoft Windows Help And Support Center window.
  • Ctrl + F1 will bring up the Task Panel window in Windows Explorer.

2. F2 Rename key.

The F2 key is used to rename selected folders or files. Select a folder or file and then press F2 to help users quickly rename certain files or folders. Just like F1 combined with other keyboard shortcuts F2 will have more effects.

Keyboard shortcuts use F2.

  • Alt + Ctrl + F2 to find and open the file in Word.
  • Ctrl + F2 uses print preview (Preview mode) in Word, Excel…

3. The F3 key searches.

Pressing F3 immediately we will open the search feature of the running software or application or program. This feature will allow searching for files, text or links.

Keyboard shortcuts that use F3.

  • Windows + F3 keyboard shortcut: Opens the advanced search window in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Shift + F3: Used to convert text format between uppercase and lowercase in Microsoft Word.

4. The F4 key closes.

The function of the F4 key is to move the mouse pointer over the address bar of the window in Explorer. That means when you open any folder on your computer and press F4, the mouse pointer will move to the address bar.

What are the 12 function keys on the keyboard for?  first

Keyboard shortcuts that use F4.

  • Alt + F4: Used to close a window or close an open program. If outside the Desktop, pressing Alt + F4 will display the Shutdown fast shutdown function.What are the 12 function keys on the keyboard for?  2
  • Ctrl + F4 to close current tab in web browser eg close Google Chrome, Edge tab.

5. The F5 key reloads.

The F5 key is one of the keys used quite a lot and often, formerly it was used to Refresh the computer screen, but recently not many people use this function because it proves to be ineffective because it only works. Use Refresh (refresh) the path of the icon icons off the desktop when there is a new update.

F5 is most used on web browsers to reload the website.

In addition, F5 is also used a lot in PowerPoint to present presentations.

6. The F6 key is rarely used.

F6 . key is used to move the mouse pointer over the address bar of the web browser and black out the entire address bar.

Besides if you use Unikey when pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F6 will quickly open Unikey’s transcoding (font conversion) window.

7. The F7 key is rarely used.

F7 is used to enable spell check or grammar errors in Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Word. Besides, it is also used to turn on and off the Caret Browsing function on Firefox and IE 8 and above.

8. F8 key to rescue.

F8 with the mission of saving the computer when F8 is used to boot the computer into safe mode – Safe Mode to fix computer errors

9. The F9 key is a bit useless.

F9 only works to refresh documents in Microsoft Word and send/receive emails in Microsoft Outlook. In Windows, it doesn’t work at all.

10. F10 key.

F10 . key Has the effect of displaying shortcuts on the menu bar of the currently used window

What are the 12 function keys on the keyboard for?  3

Shift + F10 used to display the right-click menu just like you would a right-click (probably only used when the right mouse button is broken).

11. F11 key full screen screen.

F11 has the effect of magnifying the full screen of the web browser, for example, when you are watching a movie, pressing F11 will enlarge the full screen. To exit this mode, press ESC.

12. The holy F12 key.

Code programmers often call the F12 key the divine F12 because the F12 web browser can view the website source code, along with the ability to edit information for real-time display, suitable for fake web to manipulate. chicken professionally.

For example, use F12 to put your photo’s name on an online newspaper, then take a photo with a girl…

F12 in Word has the effect of opening a window Save as to save the text.

Ctrl + Shift + F12 supports printing Word documents.

Shift + F12 has the effect of saving Word documents.

F1 – F12 on dedicated keyboard.

Usually with laptops or some other specialized keyboards, the function keys from F1 – F12 not only have the above functions, but they also control some accompanying functions such as increasing or decreasing the screen brightness, increase or decrease the sound, turn on and off wifi, Bluetooth, stop playing music …


So tip.com.vn has presented to you main function of function keys F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 ,F7 , F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 on Windows operating system in the most detailed already. Hope the article helps you in the process of conquering Windows. Good luck.