If you are going to take a mortgage, you should at least have a basic knowledge of how this product works. Do you know how the tax deductions paid for the year are applied and how do entrepreneurs have to submit documents to the bank? Here you will find clear answers to ten of the most frequent questions.

How to apply tax rebates paid for a year from the year?

Banks and building societies will send their clients a confirmation of the year they have paid in the past year, this confirmation will be sent by the employees to the employer, the OSV will state them in the tax return. The amount of the paid year is not deducted directly from the tax, but reduces the tax base, the tax can then be deducted. Thanks to a year, Ron can save up to a tax base of 300,000 crowns.

How do documents be submitted by tradesmen?

To pay enough for the mortgage, the entrepreneur pays in addition to the standard documents and confirmed in addition the original tax return for the last tax period (usually for two) with the stamp of the financial line on each side. Other documents confirm the indebtedness, it is a document issued by the financial authority, it only confirms that the applicant does not give any arrears and a copy of the trade license.

Is it possible to use a mortgage?

Thanks to wholesale rates, the broker can offer a suitable year rate or a contractual expert, who will value the property for it. The broker on behalf of the client will provide all the necessary formulas, he will help him with the collection of documents and he will be able to go to the bank, especially his time. Mortgage broker services are free.

Is it necessary to repay the mortgage in full before selling the apartment?

The monost is to incur debt. The mortgage will not be paid before the sale of the property, but the person will be repaid. The buyer will take over the debt with the bank and will continue to pay it. The price you pay for the apartment will be reduced by this debt. The purchase price of an apartment with a mortgage may be more suitable for the buyer, as the apartment may be less attractive due to the mortgage.

Is it possible to repay the mortgage with a mortgage?

Yes. If the new mortgage will be refinanced by another existing mortgage and the same property will be used to secure the new mortgage, which serves as a builder of the existing mortgage, the first bank will first have to give consent to the deletion of the first mortgage from the real estate cadastre (so-called receipt). The result of the whole procedure will be that the second bank will become the mortgagee first in the order.

What is an American Mortgage?

An American mortgage is a mortgage in which there is no intended use. This means that they must always be a mortgage first for real estate, they do not have to be used for their financing. So it is actually a consumer case and it is possible to share anything from it, such as a car.

How is it determined in installments?

The mortgage returns in almost every case with constant annuity installments. They depend on the v vru, years of rates and long maturities. m is the maturity of the part, tm is msn installment ni, at the same time the total mortgage costs increase. If the rate years change after the end of the fixation period, they will also change in installments.

Is paying for a gradual erpn mortgage?

At most banks, at least the first few funds are free. In the case of a gradual pumping, which occurs, for example, in the case of construction, there may be a charge, for example, a quarter and each time the pump is pumped, the fee then varies in the amount of a hundred crowns. The requirements of banks are very different here, somewhere they charge the first time, elsewhere it is always free.

How much does it cost to process a mortgage?

At present, mortgage processing fees most often range between 0.8% and 1% of the fee. Banks usually have a set minimum and maximum amount, which does not exceed the fee. In the case of acne offers, it is possible to get a mortgage even free of charge.

How much will I pay for the mortgage in total?

In addition to the fee for processing the mortgage, banks also charge fees for the first year, currently in 100 and 150 crowns per month. Dalm cost is a payment for estimating the value of real estate, most often between 1,000 and 3,000 crowns. To do this, you need to go through various administrative fees, e.g. for entry from the real estate cadastre.