Not an optimal time, they will not look for better work. During the interview, there may be strange questions to which the HR staff will expect your prompt response. We have prepared for vs their views, what can you answer to answer the monstrous question.

The fact that psychologists do not often find it easy in their homeowners is testified by the joke that circulates among HR professionals.

Candidates were asked at the interview: How much is 2 × 2? The machine pulled out a logarithmick ruler, worked with it for a while and then to: It’s 3.99. The physicist looked at the tables, put the problem in his computer, and after a while he announced: The result is between 3.98 and 4.02. The mathematician concentrates for a while and doesn’t know anything at all, and then he says: I don’t answer, but I’m sure it exists. Philosopher: What do you mean, 2 × 2? Logic: Please define 2 × 2 more accurately. etn closed all the windows and doors, looked around carefully and asked: How much do you want it to be?

Pesto with these you, the HR specialist has to work during interviews. Conversely, people with different personal strengths and weaknesses must respond to questions that often do not please them. Although the TV personnel often watches you die, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Especially when it comes to an unexpected question, which has nothing to do with darkness, for you drank data about the city.

Otzka only works in conjunction with another otzka and the hunter who puts them, must know, for so in. What we often meet is the so-called trap of stereotypes, when the committee asks questions he has heard somewhere and deduces from them probably a breeding adept, or he just tried to collect interesting answers for me, my personality development specialist Magdalna Prunerov.

Similarly, HR manager Iveta Sigmundov also sees non-professional interviews: Many lay people play psychologists, strengthen the popularity of popular literature, and use various personality and intelligence tests that can be found somewhere on the Internet. who apply to companies for a specific job position. I always feel sorry for the walls.

We have chosen for all questions that can be included in the category of pseudopsychological. In the original measure, it had a deep meaning, but thus erased from the context, the measure of question is like one of the pounds of the sphere, said Magdalna Prunerov.

However, if you do not have any questions at the interview later, the HR will be waiting for an answer. Therefore, stay ahead and study the unexpected questions, what your evaluator is most likely to follow.

Bad questions and what the personnel follow them:

  • If you could be an animal, which would you choose for? The argument is interesting. Personnel monitoring in outlook, communication and argumentan abilities.
  • What would you do if you won the lottery? Personnel keep track of your analytical and critical mylen.
  • What drank the worst in the day interview? The personnel will monitor me or my self-reflection, the ability to critically wash and manage stress.
  • Why should we take? Personalist otzkou follow your self-reflection, argumentation and presented skills.
  • What would you take with you to the desert island? The personnel will follow your analytical mindset, creativity and personality traits.
  • How would you describe the yellow color of someone who is blind? This question is confused with the emon intelligence of creative thinking
  • What would you change first if you became president? With this question, the HR specialist focuses on what role responsibility plays in vs, how your analytical and critical myth is, whether you are a vision and how your strategic myth is.

The comment was provided by Magdalna Prunerov from MgC Group.