Cache là gì? Có nên xóa Cache? 1

Surely when surfing the net you have heard website cache then isn’t it? So have you ever wondered what cache is, should you clear the website’s cache or not? If yes, follow this tip article, below tip will clarify your questions.

I. What is Cache?

Cache is a cache or a temporary storage area in the computer. Cache stores cached information such as web documents, images, videos, HTML, etc.

Cache is a breakthrough human invention in the information technology era to reduce bandwidth load, increase loading speed, access web.

Cache will be deletedincludes a copy of the Web page’s bits stored on your hard drive. The browser will load these bits when you visit a certain Web page again, so the access speed will be faster and save more bandwidth when you don’t have to reload the existing information.

What is cache?  Should I clear the Cache?  first

Easier to understand example of Cache: The first time you visit a site with a lot of images, it takes you about 1 second to finish loading this website, but thanks to the cache, it takes time for you to load the page. It can be almost immediately.

II. How long does the cache last?

The cache on your computer will be stored until you manually delete it. If you clear the cache, your previous website access will be slowed down due to having to reload the information, so if it’s not necessary, keep the web cache.

III. Should and cache web.

As mentioned above, Cache helps to increase surfing speed to save bandwidth, so it is not recommended to clear the cache. However, if you are confident that the network speed is so high that you don’t need to load the web quickly, then you absolutely can clear cache

IV. Summary.

Here are the tips presented for you to understand What is cache?, should I clear the web cache or not? Hope this article is useful to you. Good luck.