C&B là gì?

Did you know that the C&B department in the company plays an important role, because this is the department responsible for building the salary and welfare regime for employees, this department works in the human resources department of the company. company. So What is C&B? What is the specific job of a C&B specialist? What skills do you need to become a professional C&B? Follow Tip.com.vn to discover all about the C&B profession right here.

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What is C&B?
What is a C&B career? Get an overview of the C&B profession

What is C&B?

C&B stands for Compensation & Benefit, in the Vietnamese sense, C&B means compensation and benefits. This is a department in the human resources department of every company. To better understand what C&B is, take a look at the basic structure in the human resources department as follows:

Recruitment department:

The first is the English recruitment department: Recruitment for short, R, this is the department that is responsible for searching and interviewing bright candidates for the company upon request from the leadership.

Training and developing:

Training and development department whose English name is Tranning & Development (T&D): When new employees are officially joined the working system, they need to undergo professional training and appropriate behavior. with the common culture of each company. And this is the responsibility of this department.

Payroll and benefits department:

Abbreviated as C&B, English called Compensation & Benefit. In the civil affairs department, the C&B specialist is responsible for calculating the employee’s salary and number of leave days. The spreadsheet is built on numbers, information provided by the accounting department. In addition, C&B is also the department that makes the plan to decide on salary, bonus and benefits for employees. Therefore, it can be said that C&B is the “power” part of a company.

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What is C&B?
C&B is an important and necessary part of a company

Overview of the main work of C&B:

To better understand the work of a C&B specialist in the human resources department, you can take a look at some of the main C&B operations that tip.com.vn sends to you as follows:

  • Build a salary table that is reasonable in each working position, give a salary plan, calculate salary, and calculate bonuses for each employee in the company.
  • Organize and build a hierarchy of ranks, allocating employees to each department.
  • At the same time, survey the satisfaction level of employees in the company about salary regulations, bonus regulations, welfare regimes, etc.. And balance and compare between reality and expectations of company employees.

So in general, you can realize that as a C&B specialist you need to cover 3 jobs in 3 positions such as:

  • Accountant position: You need to know the balance between workload and salary, in order to allocate regimes and benefits to employees reasonably.
  • In addition, you need to have an overview of the work of a human resource manager to transfer employees so that it is reasonable to each department of the company, when there is a request for personnel.
  • Moreover, you should know the legal information on labor, maternity, social insurance, etc. to protect the interests of employees.

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Skills required to become a C&B specialist:

  • Office computer skills: You need to be proficient in using familiar specialized software such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Because these skills will make it easy for you to do paperwork, information data or calculate numbers.
  • Data analysis skills: As you know, the job of a C&B specialist needs to analyze and make considerations about calculating wages for each employee, so data analysis skills are essential.
  • Foreign language skill: For a C&B specialist, it is imperative to be fluent in at least one foreign language, to support the communication process. In particular, for companies with more than 200 people, being fluent in foreign languages ​​helps you easily communicate with partners, leaders in the company, and have higher promotion opportunities.
  • Legal consulting skills: C&B specialists are responsible for answering all questions of company employees when there are problems and questions about the welfare regime. Or calculate expenses for employees in accordance with current labor laws.
What is C&B?
Career progression of C&B . employees

Career progression of C&B employees:

Regardless of position in the company, there is a promotion path and different salary regulations. If you have really understood what C&B is and the general job of a C&B specialist in the company, then surely the information about the promotion path of the C&B role will be interesting content that you should not ignore:

  • In general, the body salary of a C&B ranges from 8 million to 13 million per month. This salary will depend on the size of the company, as well as the working experience of C&B Staff.
  • Basically, the promotion route of a C&B specialist is as follows: C&B Staff (C&B staff) => C&B Officer or C&B Specialist => C&B Supervisor => And finally the highest level is C&B Manager.

To “climb” to the top position of the C&B profession, you need to go through the process of learning and accumulating experience for yourself, to help handle urgent situations when needed. If you are not interested and really want to become a factor in this “powerful” department, try to learn and foster yourself the basic skills you need.

By now, you must have understood better what the C&B profession is? And the problems revolve around the work of a professional C&B, right? In tips.com.vn There are still many interesting information waiting for you to discover, visit us often to find out more interesting things!