Chromium là gì?

You often hear about Coc Coc browser, Fire Fox, Google Chrome, etc. have you ever heard of Chromium or not? This is an open source browser similar to many other web browsers, but it is not really popular and it seems unnecessary so few people know it. So What is Chromium? What outstanding features does it have? And what to do when the installation is successful but want to uninstall Chromium? All your inquiries will be presented below.

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What is Chromium?
Chromium and the information you need to know

What is Chromium?

This is an open source browser, and especially when at first glance the icons of Chormium and Google Chrome are quite similar, only the color difference is displayed. According to reviews from users, Chromium browser is very safe and quite convenient, because it focuses on providing the fastest analysis to prevent users from accessing malicious websites containing Viruses.

You may not know, in Vietnam there is also a web browser product based on Chromium, which is Coc Coc (also known as Chrome +).

In addition, Microsoft’s Edge browser is also a second clone of Chromium, which is also widely used on the Internet.

Installing Chrome browser is also very simple, you just need to access the link and download the installation file to your computer. Then proceed with the installation operation like other web browsers.

Instructions on how to install Chromium

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Pros and cons of Chromium:

Existing among many such choices, of course with Chromium also exists many different advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Advantages of Chromium:

  • The interface is intuitive, simple, easy to see and does not consume too many system resources.
  • Support ultra-fast web surfing, consuming less space, users can fully access all pages like other web browsers.
  • Has security support with Sandboxing, does not save security such as passwords, user cookies.
  • Almost not infected by viruses because the stability of the browser is quite high.

Disadvantages of Chromium browser:

  • The User Metrics feature is not supported.
  • Do not display error messages because like chrome browser so sometimes you have to stop manually when the browser is “stuck”.
  • Codecs such as AAC, H264, MP3 are not supported or do not use HTML5 to stream H264 videos, so when you want to watch videos with Chromium you must use the included Chrome browser.
  • On Windows and Mac operating systems, using the Chromium web browser will be a bit more difficult. So you have to spend a lot of time to find out.

Instructions on how to remove Chromium browser completely, simply and quickly:

Use Control Panel to uninstall Chromium:

With Windows 7, 8, 10 operating systems, uninstalling applications using the control panel is extremely simple. Follow the step-by-step instructions as follows:

  • Windows 7 & 8: Choose Uninstall a program below section Programs. Then search for this web-surfing application then right-click and select Uninstall
  • Windows 10: Click the window icon from the keyboard or use the mouse to click. Then type Control Panel and also select Uninstall a program under Programs. Similar operation to windows 7 and 8

Instructions on how to remove Chromium with specialized software:

If you are not familiar with using Control Panel to remove applications on your computer, then using the software will help optimize your requirements. Today, there are many software that support you in uninstalling Chromium, but will send you the top outstanding software that supports uninstalling Chromium thoroughly such as:

  • Download Your Uninstaller
  • Iobit Uninstaller
  • Revo Uninstaller

Why should you remove Chromium from your computer?

Most users in Vietnam use Windows operating system, so Chromium web browser seems really inappropriate.

  • This web browser when installed comes with many other unnecessary software, creating an uncomfortable feeling for users.
  • Frequent appearance of advertising banners that are unsightly and annoying.

Therefore, browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Coc Coc etc… are always the best choice for those who use windows operating system computers.

Hopefully with a couple of lines explaining what Chromium is above, it will help you update more new browsers and make a decision whether to use and explore Chromium or not!