DMCA là gì? Tại sao nên đăng ký DMCA cho website? 1

All information about the visual content on your website can be publicly reproduced and made available to others if complete protection is not in place. The measure mentioned here is DCMA. So What is DMCA? Why should I register for a DMCA for my website? HLet’s answer the above question with

1. What is DMCA?

DMCA is an acronym for the phrase “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” based copyright protection law approved by US President Bill Clinton and enacted into force on November 28, 1998.

For the purpose of copyright protection of all technology productthe DMCA has very clear regulations on how to handle any copyright infringement such as cracking, providing, or selling illegal technology products.

What is DMCA?  Why should I register for a DMCA for my website?  first

2. How DMCA protects the copyright of the website.

DMCA It protects the copyright of website content on computers, and helps to transparently resolve disputes when disputes arise. To receive this protection from the DMCA website owners must add code snippet of DMCA Go to your website and register it with the DMCA homepage. When we are protected by DMCA when we discover that the content of our website has been stolen, we can report it to DMCA for prompt and prompt handling.

DMCA is responsible for notifying the owner of the offending website. In the event that we do not receive a response from the DMCA violating website, we will notify the OPS/ISP service provider to take appropriate action.

3. DMCA Protected Content

Your website will be protected by DMCA content and information copyright, including:

  • Your picture or a photo taken by you.
  • Text that you write and edit yourself.
  • Graphics that you design yourself.
  • Your video or your own creation.
  • Design your application.
  • The program is written by you.
  • Your personal or company profile.

What is DMCA?  Why should I register for a DMCA for my website?  2

4. Penalties for websites when violating DMCA.

Based on each seriousness of the violation copyright for which the DMCA imposes appropriate sanctions. There are two methods commonly used by the DMCA:

  • Light level: Remove all offending content from search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Heavy level: Completely remove the offending website from the search engines.

What is DMCA?  Why should I register for a DMCA for my website?  3

5. Why register for the DMCA?

The registration of DMCA is similar to the registration of intellectual property rights that our country is applying. If you do not register for the DMCA, there will be no organization or individual to protect when your website is blatantly stolen. Even worse, when your own website is reported DMCA when not registered boiwr DMCA stipulates that the first copyright registrant will be fully recognized.

Although a website that writes original articles can appeal but success also takes about 2-4 weeks enough time to cause significant damage to individuals or organizations.

Therefore, early DMCA registration for your website is very necessary and imperative to keep your website safe before there are unfortunate situations.

Currently, there are two forms of DMCA registration that are free (DMCA FREE) and pay fees (DMCA PRO). Either way, your copyright is protected, however, registering to the PRO form means you will enjoy more incentives.

What is DMCA?  Why should I register for a DMCA for my website?  4


Thus, whether a website is small or large, it should DMCA registration as soon as possible to protect your achievements. Hopefully, the above information of has partly helped you understand more about DMCA and help with copyright issues!