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When you are a person who stores online online so you don’t have to worry about your computer being damaged, your drive damaged or even lost, dropbox was born to give you a space to store your photos online. , document… that you want. Learn more about tips.com.vn What is Dropbox? How to create a Dropbox service usage right in this post?

What is dropbox?

If you wonder which online cloud storage service to use for free, the Dropbox service is a name that is used by many people with its reputation and stability.

What is Dropbox?

DropBox is a free online storage service (CLOUD) that helps synchronize data between computers and phones when connected to the Internet. You can save files, video files, image files on Dropfox and access and access documents anywhere as long as you have internet (wifi, 3G, 4G) can be used on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Especially when using Dropbox your data safe when avoiding problems with hardware failure or data corruption due to virus and Dropbox will generate 30-day file versions help you recover files when Deleted files and data from Dropbox by mistake.

When you sign up for a free Dropvox account, you get it right away 2GB of free data storage and earn more by following the quest instructions to get more storage from Dropbox.

How to register and create a free Dropbox account

Step 1: You need to access the Website: https://www.dropbox.com

Step 2: Select Sign Up. Fill in the information including: Email and Password.

Or use Google account/Apple ID to register a new Dropbox

What is Dropbox?  How to create an account and use the simple Dropbox service

You will receive a notification to download the Dropbox software for Desktop you choose to install or not or use directly on Dropbox’s website.

Instructions to use Dropbox from Website Dropbox.com

After performing the above step, select the icon

to return to the Dropbox homepage.

At the home page interface of Dropbox, you choose the following functions:

  1. You choose the item to store your data in the format of images, files, etc.
  2. Select the area to upload files or folders and delete data
  3. Follow the request of the Dropbox service to increase the storage space

Instructions on how to upload data to Dropbox fastest

To upload data, select Upload files at the top left of the screen >> Choose Files >> Browse to the image/file/video you want to save.

What is Dropbox?  How to create an account and use the simple Dropbox service

When you finish uploading the file will appear, you can access and open the file, download, delete the file if you want.

In addition, this Dropbox application is available on Android or iOS, you just need to download the Dropbox application to your mobile device and use it to view files, download files, delete files or upload images/videos in phone to Dropbox to help you store online online.

What are some advantages of Dropbox?

Store and retrieve files from anywhere with an internet connection (wifi/3G/4G)

Data is always in sync across all your mobile devices.

Easily share and send files on Dropbox

Share files by link even if the sender does not have a Dropbox account can still see and receive.

Dropbox Paper Collaborative Workspace

Convey your team’s ideas with Dropbox Paper.

Put the work under the spotlight with Showcase Dropbox

Share your showcase with partners and customers and keep track of who’s seen what from Showcase, organize your files into a beautifully packaged page with Showcase

Keep your data safe

Dropbox’s security features allow the privacy of your data to be as secure as possible.

So you know what Dropbox is? How to register to use the Dropbox application, right?

Let’s register for 3G Vinaphone To use it online all the time, access your Dropbox data right away?