I’m sure a lot of you are looking for a way to check your League of Legends match history easily without having to enter the Game. Today Tip.com.vn would like to share with you a brand that is being shared by many League of Legends gamers. Lmss Plus. Let’s find out what LMSS is, how to check the rank of the game character you want in this article?

What is Sampling Plus Alliance?

Coalition of Examiners Plus or abbreviated as Lmss Plus – Dedicated website to check match history, check rank rank, see the top challenge server in the game League of Legends (LOL).

Lmss Plus will help League of Legends gamers look up all the information about League of Legends players such as:

  • Check the fastest and most accurate LOL match history
  • Player level, account age lol so that you will be able to calculate your account creation date.
  • That player’s support rune in each match
  • Information about the top ranking to challenge the Vietnamese server
  • Information, overview of the stats of each match. How many wins and losses, the number of battles, the score…
  • Check the player with the highest mastery Top of any champion
  • There is also the most accurate auto-adding feature, the data is taken according to the highest win rates of the TOP Players in the world.

You can also use special characters for LOL create featured character names

How to use LOL rank check with LMSS Plus

Website: https://lmssplus.com

When we go to the homepage of Lmss Plus, we will see a Search box for usernames. Here, please enter the exact name in your game and then press Enter to enter your Profile.

Player Stats

At the Profile interface, you will easily see the main parameters in the Overview Tab. Eg:

  • Current Rank
  • Account age:2,449 days
  • Level: 260
  • Number of matches: 5.415
  • Win rate: 56.6%
  • The highest proficiency score of 3 generals in the account
  • Highest score of Divine Fire.
  • Your ranks through the seasons

Match history

This is the most used feature when accessing Lmss Plus. Here you will check the detailed parameters of any player.

On the TAB side, in the Match History section we will have the most intuitive view including:

  • KDA
  • Highest achievement
  • Defeat at most at once
  • First victory
  • Total damage to champions
  • Physical damage to champions
  • Shining spells on champions
  • True damage to champions
  • Total damage dealt
  • Magic damage dealt
  • Physical damage dealt
  • True damage dealt
  • Biggest Critical
  • Total Damage To Target
  • Total Turret Damage
  • Damage recovery
  • Damage suffered
  • Physical damage taken
  • Magic Damage Take
  • True damage taken
  • Point of view
  • Number of plugs
  • Number of wards
  • Number of control eyes purchased
  • Gold earned
  • Gold Consumption
  • Number of soldiers killed
  • Destruction Monsters
  • The monster was defeated in my forest
  • Monsters slain in the enemy jungle

Champion Stats

Here you will calculate where is the position, the champion will have the opportunity to give you the highest win rate in the process of climbing the rank. You can also compare those stats with higher Rank players. To gain more experience for yourself.

So through this article, we have detailed how to use LMSS PLUS: Coalition of Examiners Plus most complete. Hope the above sharing will be useful for you.