Nhạc Lossless là gì? Làm thế nào để nghe nhạc Lossless ? 1

Life on the 1st day of development leads to an increasing demand for music enjoyment by users, so mp3 songs no longer meet the tastes, gradually music followers have moved towards listening to high quality music. lossless. So What is Lossless Music?? How to listen to Lossless music ? Let’s find out with tip.com.vn right below this article.

1. What is Lossless Music?

Lossless can simply be understood as a high quality music file. To understand more deeply, Lossless is a form of digital audio (digitally encoded audio). People make this form of lossless digital audio by taking the original audio and removing unnecessary data (bits).

What is Lossless Music?  How to listen to Lossless music ?  first

2. Lossless music formats.

The process of forming music files will form Lossless music formats.

The steps to create Lossless music are as follows:

Step 1: Digitization

Digitization is the process of converting an audio string in the form of a sinusoid into a 0/1 digital signal. The digitization process requires two parameters, the number of bits (bit dept) and the sampling rate (sample rate).

People often see the parameters of a DAC device of 32 bit/192kHz are these two parameters. This signal is often referred to as a PCM signal according to the modulation (digitization) method. These are the Lossless signals.

Step 2: Compress Lossy Compression

This is Lossy Compression compression. (Lossless compression). It relies on the characteristics of the hearing threshold of the human ear, for example, the human ear is only good at about 20Hz to 20kHZ to remove frequency information outside this range, and algorithms related to sine wave reproduction calculated at different signal frequencies, etc.

In short, Lossy Compression will remove information to reduce data size. From this reduced information stream, it is not possible to reconstruct the information before it was omitted, so it is Lossy.

Step 3: Archive.

  • The Lossless signal (product of step 1) can be recorded directly onto a CD in tracks or saved to computer files in formats such as WAV, AIF files, etc. These are music files called Uncompressed Lossless. .
  • If this signal is Compressed-No-lossy-data, it will create Compressed Lossless files such as FLAC, ALAC files, etc. These files can in principle be decompressed (Decompression) into the original uncompressed data stream. head.
  • The Lossy signal (product of step 2) can be immediately written to the file as Uncompressed Lossy, or again Compressed-lossless as Compressed Lossy.

In short, when saying Lossless Compression/Lossy Compression is the concept of Compress (compression) understood in a broad sense, only the process of reducing the data stream in general. The concept of Compressed/Uncompressed in the field of digital music) refers to the concept of whether or not the lossless compression of data (Lossless Compression).

What is Lossless Music?  How to listen to Lossless music ?  2

3. How to listen to Lossless music?

1. Find and Lossless music.

Download Lossless music according to the following instructions: How to download Lossless music for free

2. Use quality equipment.

To listen to quality Lossless music, we must invest in good equipment to enjoy.

What is Lossless Music?  How to listen to Lossless music ?  3

Consists of :

  • Audio decoding DAC
  • Amply
  • Good speakers
  • Standard connection wire.

In general, equipment to serve Lossles music is a bit expensive. Although computers and phones can also be heard, it is certainly difficult for us to notice a clear difference without using specialized equipment.


Surely here you have grasped What is Lossless Music? How to listen to Lossless music then isn’t it? Of course, if your conditions do not allow, buy a set of speakers first to experience Lossless music on your computer or phone. Enjoy listening to music!