Mesh wifi là gì? Có nên sử dụng Mesh wifi? 1

Wireless technology is growing day by day, instead of pulling the wire like before or using many unstable repeaters today, there is an extreme wireless network solution. The network solution mentioned here is Wifi Mesh. So What is Wifi Mesh? Should I use Mesh wifi or not or find out with!

I. What is Wi-Fi mesh?

Wifi mesh is basically a wide-area Wifi network system, which is a collection of Wifi broadcasting devices that work together in a smooth, unified manner. The signal of Wifi mesh can spread in a large and stable scale that cannot be met by a Wifi transmitter or extender.

In a very simple way, Wifi mesh is a wifi system in which wifi devices are connected to each other in the form of a network.

What is mesh wifi?  Should I use Mesh wifi?  first

For example, if you use a Wifi mesh network for your home, then when you are in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, or in the garden, all your internet access activities are still normal and only need to be connected once. That’s what traditional Wifi networks can’t do.

Summary Wifi mesh is a network of wifi points connected to each other for wide and extremely stable wifi coverage.

II. Advantages and disadvantages of wifi mesh.

Should I use a mesh wifi system? Is it worth upgrading to mesh wifi? This is a fairly common question, so let’s use the wifi mesh system, let’s learn about the advantages of wifi mesh

1. Advantages of wifi mesh.

  • Wifi mesh provides a stable wifi network throughout and high coverage, suitable for large areas such as a commercial center, shops …
  • Minimize construction and installation costs.
  • High security:
  • Stable connection throughout
  • No need to wire between node.
  • Wifi coverage is extremely wide, can be up to 500m.
  • Easy to manage the system through settings so that you can specify hotspot or set up wifi Marketing easily.

What is mesh wifi?  Should I use Mesh wifi?  2

2. Disadvantages of Wifi Mesh.

Besides the advantages of coverage, speed and stability, Wi-Fi mesh has some disadvantages as follows

What is mesh wifi?  Should I use Mesh wifi?  3

  • The cost is 3 4 times more expensive than traditional wifi
  • No advanced management features like other devices
  • There is also a decrease in network speed from time to time.

III. Should use Wifi Mesh.

As mentioned above, besides the advantages, wifi mesh is expensive, so you need to consider economic conditions before deploying Mesh Wifi.

If economics is not an issue, you can use Wifi Mesh, otherwise the advice is still to use wifi routers and wire.

IV. Some of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems available today.

Here are some mesh Wi-Fi system The highest rated so far.

  • Google Nest Wifi
  • Amazon’s Eero
  • What is mesh wifi?  Should I use Mesh wifi?  4
  • Netgear Orbi


Through the above article, you must have figured it out What is wifi mesh? and why wifi mesh has gradually become the current trend, isn’t it? Will you upgrade to Wifi Mesh? Please comment your opinion below.