Odd là gì - even là gì - Chẵn và lẻ trong tiếng Anh như thế nào?

Do you know what Odd is and what Evan is why these two words are used so flexibly and with many meanings in Vietnamese, with tip.com.vn learn about what Odd is, what even is in the article. this okay?

What is Odd - What is even - How are even and odd in English?

What is Odds? What is the meaning of Odd?

  • Odd means: Golf club (Noun).
  • Odd is: skewed, deviant, skewed (adjective).
  • Odd is: Redundancy, excess, odd (Calculation in natural subjects).

What is even? What is the meaning of even?

  • Even is: Flat, equal understood by adjectives.
  • Even is: Even, not odd
  • Even is: Regular
  • Even is: to flatten, to flatten (verb).

You often see 2 words Odd or Even in Microsoft’s Excel software, Odd Page and Even Page are translated as even pages and odd pages.

  • Even Page: Are even numbered pages like 2,4,…, 66
  • Odd Page: The pages are numbered oddly such as: 1,3,…,77

So you understand what Odd is, what even is, right?

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