What is Thao Mai?? What does Thao mai mean, but today’s young people often use “Thao mai gri”, “Thao mai”… “Thao mai sells gold thread, goes to the middle of the village to sell green thread” The word Thao mai means what? It sounds like a girl’s name, but it’s not. If you understand the true meaning of the phrase Thao Mai, it is certain that the meaning of this phrase will not be as beautiful as its name.

In Sino-Vietnamese, Thao means grass, and mai can be the name of a flower. However, when combining these two words, it does not mean beautiful. So what is the morning glory? Let’s find out with tip.com.vn through the content of the article below.

What is Thao Mai?  What is the real meaning of the word sage?

What is Thao Mai? What is the real meaning of the word sage?

What is Thao Mai?

Thao mai is a word used by young people quite commonly not only on social networks but also in daily communication. Thao Mai used to indicate the fake of someone.

Thao mai is used to refer to a person with two faces, sometimes like this, sometimes it is unusual to refer to a person who is not sincere. He always shows his good nature to everyone, but is actually extremely evil on the inside.

Thao mai is a word used to reduce speech to avoid fake words – The word was commonly used before or you can also discuss it as acting (acting / acting in daily life that is not related to the stage). theater, cinema). The word Thao Mai is used to talk about bad things, but with a flowery way of saying it, it makes the sentence easier to hear and easier to hear.

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How to use the word herbal apricots appropriately?

In addition to having an independent meaning, Thao mai is also accompanied by a number of words to form related phrases with more specific characteristics. For example:

  • Voiceover: Means a fake-sounding voice that is not sincere.
  • Poppy: Used to talk directly to someone is fake.
  • Looks like apricot: Looks fake.

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