When choosing compulsory liability, it is important to increase the range of assistance services, especially for those abroad. There is a pretext to call an assistance service not an accident to go on your own.

The assistance service will provide towing, for example, to park the parking lot and then to the nearest service in the R, the contractual cover of the risk and basically it is done free of charge without the involvement of the client. In the evening, you can help yourself with the insurance company yourself.

Costs can often be very high, even when dealing with inaccessible places by fencing. For example, a Czech insurance company has a contractual partner in each European country, which mediates contact with the insurance company there, and the foreign client is connected. Help us with the first horses, because all liquidations take place according to the first country where the accident happened.

The contractual partner, for example, will also carry out the costs claimed in the event that the accident is caused. Foreigners do not hesitate to judge if they are not satisfied with the liquidation, and have them paid to the last euro cent. The average code of a foreign participant was around 4500 euros (ie about 135 thousand CZK), to Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny.

Mandatory ruen is abroad dra

The premium in other European countries is also comparable to the domestic one, or the premium is usually derived from many insurance factors. In general, it can be stated that the insurance premium is relatively high and the payroll is significantly lower than their European counterpart of foreign insurance companies.

For example, in Germany, I pay a fee for a truck with a capacity of 1198 cc for a mandatory cancellation in the amount of 25,000 crowns. Rates comparable to the domestic secret insurance company in Slovakia. There is a mandatory guarantee even a little cheaper than in the Czech Republic.

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