After the vacation there is often money left in the wallet from the travel destination. How can this still be used sensibly? Taking the coins home with you is not the best option.

Back in Germany, vacationers can exchange the foreign currency again - but mostly at poor exchange rates.

Vome Germans still prefer to pay with bills and coins when traveling. This is also confirmed by a survey by Postbank. According to this, on average every second German citizen considers cash to be the most important form of travel payment. And who doesn’t know that? After the holiday, there are often some foreign coins and bills left in your wallet and in your trouser pockets if you have not just traveled within the euro area.

So what to do with the remainder of the Canadian dollar, Swedish krona or Swiss franc, small or large? It is best to think about this before you go on holiday, advise experts from the private banking association. Because the exchange into euros can be difficult or very expensive. Those who bring cash from their vacation will find exchange offices and credit institutions in Germany that exchanged banknotes for euros again. But the fees are often high and the exchange rates are unfavorable. Therefore, this is not worthwhile, especially for smaller amounts. Coins would not be exchanged at all. Even the Deutsche Bundesbank does not accept foreign banknotes or coins.

It is of course also possible to keep the money until your next trip to this holiday destination. This could certainly be useful if you regularly spend your holidays there or relatives or friends take a trip there shortly, say the experts of the banking association. However, the currencies of some countries are subject to strong exchange rate fluctuations such as the current Turkish lira. So it is possible that the travel budget will not be worth that much later.

A last memento or donation

The advice is therefore to plan your expenses when traveling to countries outside the euro area so that no cash in the foreign currency is left in your wallet at the end of the day. Otherwise, non-profit organizations would also be happy to receive a donation; There are collection containers for a good cause at airports or in financial institutions.

In many a wallet there is a colorful bouquet of foreign currencies.
In many a wallet there is a colorful bouquet of foreign currencies. : Image: Wolfgang Eilmes

You can of course also buy a last souvenir or say thank you with a generous tip in the hotel or restaurant. And hand on heart: Who does not like to hold a scarred piece of lira in their hands or other currencies that have long since ceased to exist and indulge in the old days?