■ sell or buy vz
When the owner of the vehicle changes, the insurance liability does not automatically expire or it is transferred to a new owner. The destruction occurs and at the moment when the original owner announces the sale of the vehicle. The original owner must therefore report the change not only in the vehicle register, but also at the insurance company, where he is obliged to make an obligation.

■ zavinm nehodu podnapil
days of insurance do not pay their clients codes from accident insurance of motor vehicles caused under the influence of alcohol. In the event of an accident due to the obligatory liability, pay the insurance codes damaged for your client, who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. In the case of regressive women, they are back from their insurers. It is often due to years of delay and all judicial talents that are hundreds of statisticians. A treasure from the Czech insurance company, who was drunk in August 1993 and caused the other party to the accident a property and health code of 284 thousand crowns. Today, after 12 years, a proposal for execution was issued for 912 thousand crowns.

cause an accident to another person or another person, you both have a mandatory liability, but you have failed the technical order
According to the law, the insurance company must pay from the obligatory liability with all the code that was created, regardless of whether the decision meets any other legal requirements or not. The existence or non-existence of technical control therefore has no effect on the castle codes on the car. If the bag is caused by an accident in connection with a failed technical, then the treasury of the castle is what the insurance company pays off. If this is not the case, then the code will be paid from the obligatory liability and the penalty will not be imposed on the offender.

■ the fault of the accident is not obligatory
Reimbursement of the code can be recovered on the vinca. The health code can be paid from the so-called guarantee fund, it is necessary to contact the Czech insurer’s office in this case. people who have not agreed to be obliged to pay, in addition, a fine and up to 20,000 crowns

■ accident caused by young people under 18 who give birth to his car without permission
The insurance company pays for the code on another vehicle and then extorts it from the home culprit, because they will pay for it.

The code on the car is caused by a thief from a vehicle that was stolen before the accident
The code should be paid by the insurance company, and it was stolen from the insurance company. According to the law, the insurance company can then first collect the paid payment after the winding of such codes. If the thief is caught, he will have to pay the code from his.

code in case of accidents is caused by a vehicle registered abroad
The insurance company pays all the codes, but due to the additional payment, you need to have maximum information about the vehicle, the driver and the insurer vinca, a regular copy of the green card.