The prices at the petrol pumps currently only know one direction. Above all, the diesel is becoming even more expensive. There are also delivery bottlenecks at some filling stations – this is due to the low water level in the Rhine.

Refuel cheaply?  Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

AIn Germany’s petrol stations, no relaxation has been observed so far. The unusually high fuel prices persist. In the case of heating oil, too, no countermovement has yet to be felt. “The prices at the petrol pumps currently only know one direction – upwards,” writes the automobile club ADAC in its weekly evaluation of the prices of 14,000 petrol stations. Super E10 has increased in price by 2.7 cents compared to the previous week to 1.541 euros per liter. The price for a simple super is about 2 cents higher. For diesel, drivers would have to pay another four cents more than in the previous week, a liter now costs 1.438 euros. If you look at the development of the past two weeks together, the price jump adds up to 4.7 cents for Super E10 and 7 cents for diesel.

This sharp rise would be offset by significantly lower prices on the crude oil market, which would not be offset even by a slight rise in the dollar exchange rate against the euro. Even in view of the low water levels on the Rhine and Main, which lead to selective delivery problems, the enormous nationwide price jump is “exaggerated”, criticized the ADAC. A barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent crude oil cost 75.60 dollars at times on Wednesday. That was around 11 percent less than at the beginning of October.