Just as bakery must be able to sell ordinary croissants for feed, so pension retirement does not, of course, sell itself. Therefore, even among eleven pension funds, which operate in our financial market, there is a competitive struggle for clients. How are their tactics? What factors pay off when choosing a fund?

All pension funds, which currently operate on our market, are associated in the Association of Pension Funds of the Czech Republic. Each of them owns and manages different owners. Of course, this indicator should also play a role in the selection of the fund in which you invest your pension, or it is economically stronger property, which reduces the risk of its collapse and the associated loss of your invested funds. Therefore, the main owners of each of them will be affected (see the table.)

Among the benefits that the pension supplement offers as such, we include the tax deductibility of the installments and the contribution. On these two points, however, it does not matter how you choose a pension fund.

The first difference is the amount in which you evaluate your invested funds. Losk recorded a year pension funds valued from 2.5% (ING Penzijn fond) to 5.3% (SOB PF Progres). However, the difference between the individual funds is negligible and he relies on the claim that five years can be evaluated again? You’re right. The main role here is played by the long-term appreciation of the fund (3 5 years), because the main thing from such data is to know whether it is a quality fund.

Pension fund Majoritn action
Allianz PF, a.s Allianz pojiovna, a.s. – 100%
CREDIT SUISSE LIFE & PENSIONS PENZIJN FOND, A.S. Winterthur Leben AG, vcarsko – 79.97%
SOB PF Progres, as eskoslovensk obchodn banka, as -100%
SOB PF Stabilita, a.s. eskoslovensk obchodn banka, as-100%
Generali PF, as Generali Holding Vinna AG, Austria-100%
Hornick PF Ostrava, a.s. OKD, a.s.-100%
PF esk pojiovny, a.s. esk pojiovna, as-91%
PF esk spoitelny, as esk spoitelna, as-100%
PF Komern banka, as Komern bank, as-100%
Zemsk PF, a.s. Mosteck coal company, as – 88.53%

Source: Association of Pension Funds of the Czech Republic

In addition to the appreciation, which the funds are so proud of, they will try to hunt for special offers. For how? Let’s grab n.

Alliance PF – currently not suitable for its clients

CREDIT SUISSE LIFE & PENSIONS PENZIJN FOND – in cooperation with the General Health Insurance Company, offers joint clients the possibility of arranging travel medical connections for short-term repeated stays abroad at a favorable insurance rate for the region of Europe and selected countries in the age groups 0-69 years for 1,200 CZK / year. The insurance rate for the family type of insurance, ie births and all their dependent children, is a total of CZK 2,000 / year. The condition is the membership of all these families within the public health insurance to VZP Growth and participation in the pension supplement at CREDIT SUISSE LIFE & PENSIONS PENSION FUND at least one of them.

Entrepreneur (c) profimedia.cz/corbis

Entrepreneurship: what banks offer
Choosing the right business is difficult. In the first place, everyone has a question: Do I have to have a special entrepreneurial business as an entrepreneur? And what if I run a side business, I have to have something other than the one to which my employer sent me a pension?


Brigd is many, but people are missing
Brigdy u dvnou is not only reserved for students. For example, work for many people can help me, for example, in the event of a job loss. But sometimes we feel that people don’t want to work, for the co-owner of the Axial staff agency Kristina Stiefelov.

SOB PF Progres and SOB PF Stabilita – for their clients offer a 5% discount on insurance at SOB Pojiovny (DOMUS product of property insurance and citizens’ liability), including holiday fees when arranging Postiro or Postkonto at Potovn spoitelna, a 7% discount on selected trips at travel agency edok, free card billion Euro <26

General PF – all clients get a 10% discount on travel insurance with the insurer. Clients with msnm contribution min. 1,500 K can become a member of the Generali Club. Various benefits are associated with it (eg a membership card entitling the owner to discounts on more than 800 sales points in the Czech Republic). For clients with a minimum nominal value of 500 K, it is then prepared free of charge once for 1 year with the following coverage:

1 / Death at once – if the insured person lands as a result of the accident, the person entitled in the pension pipojitn 100,000 K.
2 / Permanent disability as a result of one-off – if the insured person suffers once, leaving such consequences that cannot be removed, a tax percentage will be paid according to the table for assessing permanent disability from the insurance policy, which depends on your personal at the time he suffered once, namely:

insurance 100 000 K zstatek osobnho tu do 30 000 K vetn
insurance 200,000 K personal balance here over 30,000 K

Hornick PF Ostrava – currently not suitable for its clients

ING Penzijns fund – currently not suitable for its clients

PF esk pojiovny – the possibility of arranging a one-time insurance bonus for pensioners or their customers with a preferential rate of 22%. The discount is not limited in time and is valid for the entire duration of the pension supplement. After the termination of the pension connection, the insurance premium will be transferred to the standard rates of the Czech Insurance Company.

Pf esk spoitelny za vhodnch podmnek (sleva a 60%) monost uzavt razov pojitn u Pojiovny esk spoitelny ve tyech rznch variantch:

Option 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Variant 4
Insurance (K)
Pojitn smrti z jakchkoliv pin 10 000 K 10 000 K born born
Insured by death as a result 50 000 K 50 000 K 600 000 K 600 000 K
Pojitn trvalch nsledk once Born Born 600 000 K 600 000 K
Insurance of daily compensation for a period of time only once Born 100 / den Born 300 / den
Insured hospitalization as a result Born 100 / den Born 300 / den
Ron insurance 100 K 500 K 1 200 K 2 700 K

Source: Internetov strnky PF esk spoitelny

PF Komern Bank – Each new pensioner at PF Komern banka will receive a PF KB card with the SPHERE KARD system, with which you can take advantage of benefits and discounts in more than 4,500 shops and business services throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Discounts from 5 to 50% can be obtained in various areas of services and goods.

Zemsk PF – currently not suitable for its clients

How do vm factors benefit?

How do you stick to retirement?
Vce tte HERE.

The first guideline when choosing a pension fund may be the fact that the participant’s deposits are not final, and therefore it would be good to pay attention to the fact who owns which PF.

When choosing your pension fund straight away from everything, explore their current offer in a little more detail. You don’t have to lose anything but gain quite a bit.

At present, the phenomenon seems to be the best offer razov pipojitn in PF esk spoitelny. When you choose their Variant 3 or Variant 4, you get quality insurance protection for a reasonable pension.

Leaving aside pension funds, which have forgotten about a suitable offer for everyone so far, the PF SOB Progres i Stabilita offer seems to be quite uninteresting, when they offer a discount of only 5% on the insurance assets and liability of citizens at the sister insurance company. This discount can be provided by their number of insurance agents and you do not need to have a pension supplement.

Each of us should be able to approach the pension with common sense, find out as much information as possible and orient ourselves in the offer of pension funds only according to such benefits, which he really needs and uses properly.

Retirement provision is a suitable form of long-term and safe savings, especially if you are not far to retire. You can find out more about this interesting form of connection in the special area of ​​Fincentrum o pension pipojitn.

How satisfied are you with the benefits that the pension fund offers you? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.

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