While states are groaning under the crisis, a tough struggle for supply chains, geostrategic gains and zones of influence begins. One state in particular stands out here.

People on the Bund in Shanghai, the economic center of China.

WAs people around the world fight the virus, behind the scenes there is a struggle for influence and strategic advantage. Politicians in East and West are driving stakes in. Governments are trying to position themselves for restoring the world. In Asia, China’s interests collide with those of America. Australia is more clearly on Washington’s side than ever, India is taking on a role of its own.

It can be seen that Beijing is trying to compensate for the loss of face caused by the Corona crisis. On the one hand by counter-attacking any doubts about its reliability, on the other hand by a “mask policy”: His ambassadors around the world respond to every hint of criticism and then switch to forward defense. China’s ambassador Cheng Jingye surprised with sharp attacks on the Australian government, and the Chinese consul in Melbourne pushed uninvited into a government press conference. Not a day goes by in Beijing without various speakers countering verbal attacks from Washington or Canberra. The motto: A large wedge belongs on a large block. At the same time, the communists want to position themselves as helpers of the world in a crisis that originated in their own country, but which they have concealed and dragged off.