Heavy Alice là ai? Hot streamer Free Fire Alice là ai sao hot nhất MXH như vậy?

Who is Heavy Alice that is hot on social media these days? Who is the emerging beautiful Free Fire game streamer? Join tip.com.vn to find out information about Heavy Alice – female streamer Free Fire of Team Heavy – Esports organization founded by AS Mobile.

Who is Heavy Alice?  Who is the hot streamer Free Fire Alice who is the hottest star on social media?

Team Heavy is an Esports organization founded by the leading streamer in Vietnam – AS Mobile. Although newly established, Heavy has quickly entered the Top 5 most popular brands in Southeast Asia.

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Heavy Alice is a hot girl streamer Free Fire

In the Vietnamese game village in general, or with Vietnamese Fire game fans, Heavy Alice is a name that has a large number of fans because of its cute voice, extremely pretty and charming appearance.

Although it has not been long since joining Team Heavy, the reputation of this hot streamer has become very famous and the name Heavy Alice has become one of the most attractive Free Fire Streamers in Vietnam of this game.

Streamer Heavy Alice owns a Youtube channel with more than 150,000 subscribers, on Instagram this Free Fire female streamer also has nearly 25,000 followers, a very hot number with a growing streamer.

The beautiful and beautiful images of hot streamer Heavy Alice will be updated for you to see, okay?

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