Retirement – that sounds like less stress and more free time. But if you want to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, you need a good plan. Our financial expert reveals what this could look like.

Life doesn't necessarily get cheaper in retirement: that's why it is better to start planning early.

DSixty-three years old, gray hair and fed up with professional life? This is no reason to break out into storms of cheers. But if that is the case, we should calmly consider how you are going to retire. Planning your retirement financially is not rocket science, but I don’t know what your bottom line will be. Therefore, we shouldn’t chew for a long time, but throw our heads back and sound out the situation with the help of pencil, paper, eraser and calculator.

Let’s not start with the things you have, let’s start with the wealth you should have to make ends meet! This requires a list of the monthly expenses in retirement, which starts with A for car and ends with Z for supplementary dental insurance. I am of course aware that you are simple and live frugally, but when I think of the many people with whom I have listed private expenses this year, I can’t help but smile. At first they didn’t know how much they were spending, and after they did, they were amazed. In short: Please do not have a guilty conscience that a befitting life (s) has a price and let go of all hope that everything will be cheaper in retirement.