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If you own an iPhone and have a habit of listening to music but often fall asleep, don’t ignore this good tip.

When listening to music on iPhone, you have a habit of directly turning off the music if you don’t want to listen to it anymore. However, for those who often listen to music to sleep easily, it is quite inconvenient because if they accidentally fall asleep, the playlist runs until the battery runs out. So the following good tips help users to set up automatic mode to turn off music, turn off videos, and lock iPhone screen when it’s time. In particular, you will not need to use any applications, but do it right on your iPhone.

Trick - Utilities - Just 1 click you automatically timed off music on iPhone

How to schedule music on iPhone.

How to: In the Timer app, select “When Timer Ends”, scroll down and select “Stop Playing”. The application will automatically turn off the music after the time you have set.

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