Yoga is becoming a popular sport – and is filling the app stores. But which of them is really good and which one has the best price-performance ratio? We tested six mobile gymnastics.

The crow (Kakasana) strengthens the arm and shoulder muscles as well as the sense of balance.

Dhe dark green yoga mat shines in the sunlight. It is hardly noticeable in the grass of the city park – just like the smartphone that lies next to it. It explains the exercises vividly with the help of yoga apps. Countless providers offer yoga apps in different price ranges – from free applications to apps for a few euros to premium programs with fitness analysis. The FAS tested two from each category.

The apps “Yoga Vidya” and “5 Minutes of Yoga” compete in the Free category. The latter makes a good first impression with a clear look. But after the first yoga session it becomes clear how the free app is financed: “Unlock everything for 8.49 euros”, a pop-up window bothers. Any relaxation evaporates. The explanations are even more disappointing. Only a colored drawing should show the user the angle at which he has to stretch his legs. Explanatory texts? Not intended, let alone videos. Music? Only in the premium version. And with only five exercises per day, some of which are repeated, “5 Minute Yoga” offers a meager range of yoga units. In addition, the level is far too high for beginners. The “general advice” sounds almost ironic: “Do not try this program if you are pregnant, immobile in any way, or older, suffer from general health or back problems.” However, it is precisely for these reasons that many practice yoga. Apparently the app is only suitable for competitive athletes.