There are many pivdlk, but I know them. While in some ads the employer offers to work for HPP, elsewhere only the brigd is mentioned. What these words mean and how are the differences in the documents that you will sign when you join, the advice of Luk Zelen, head of the first department of dTest.

If you are interested in a job offer, first thoroughly research who is your potential employer. Some of the advertisements look tempting, but in the end ern Petr turns out to be. Especially a cautious butt at a time when someone promises easy work from home with a mature maturation. Before dark, don’t sign anything, spit it pette.

Do not go for an interview, make a list of things you want to ask, and on the contrary, you will warm up if they ask you questions of the ban. These include questions about sexual orientation, pregnancy, family and property relations, origin, membership in trade unions, organizations and political parties, church affiliation, and criminal integrity. They can only ask for answers to these questions from vs in completely different cases.

Abbreviation HPP sign main employment. This is usually created by signing an employment contract. In contrast, in the case of a brigade, it is a matter of short-term work, which is assigned to employees on the basis of an agreement on employment or an agreement on the performance of work.

The employment relationship is most often established by signing an employment contract. It must always be in writing and contain the following information: the type of work for which the employee is admitted, the place where he will perform the work (municipality, plant, establishment, long term), and the day of entry. In the employment contract, a probationary period can be agreed at the latest on the day of starting work, which must not be longer than three months, or even six months in the case of managers. The advantage and at the same time unsuitable probationary period is that both parties can terminate their employment overnight.

Dal Ancillary to employment contracts is a competitive clause. Even this must always be in writing and contain not only the employee’s obligation to refrain from performing work with another employer for a certain period of time, but also the employer’s obligation to pay compensation for it. For each month, the volume of the volume can be at least half of the average monthly employee.

Competitive clauses are printed in large. However, most of them are invalid because they do not contain compensation. The employer especially hopes that the employee is afraid of contractual penalties for breach of clauses or that he will not leave the competition for fear. Claims from invalid competition clauses are not enforceable.

An employment contract can be concluded for a definite or indefinite period. If you have a fixed period in the contract, it must not exceed years. My employer will extend it at most twice. If you bloom on the job offer outside of employment, you are likely to close agreement on the work performed (DPP) or employment agreement (DP). Both must be closed in writing. Since the employment contract, especially the limited protection of the employee. You will not, for example, be entitled to holidays, travel expenses, surcharges or severance pay.

DPP can be concluded with one employer and for 300 hours per year. The subject of the agreement is the fulfillment of an individual work round. The advantage is that if the income does not exceed 10,000 crowns per msc, only the income tax will be paid. In this respect, DP may be appropriate. In the case of an agreement on employment, the health and social insurance is paid at a time when the debt exceeds 2,500 crowns per month. On the contrary, the advantage is that the DP can be closed at work exceeding 300 hours a year. Work on the DP bag in diameter must not exceed 2.5 days a week. Compliance with the scope is assessed for the entire period for which the agreement was concluded, up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

For work, employees are directly rewarded financially. In the case of an employment contract, it is a salary (salary for permanent employees), if you work on a contract basis, it is a reward. From 2018 and a minimum wage of 12,200 K and will be applied proportionally to agreements. In addition, there is a guaranteed wage or salary for the employment contract. Compared to the minimum wage, it is determined as the lowest price of labor with regard to the complexity, responsibility and effort of the work performed.