Unintentionally injuring another person or damaging other people’s property can cause great financial problems. Damage to it may require compensation, which in some cases may cost up to hundreds of thousands of crowns or more.

Most often, such codes arise during normal operation of the household, during recreational sports, the codes can be caused by children or domestic animals. The water from the slingshots are heated by neighbors, children break into the exposed goods, a dog is tempting, a cyclist or a pedestrian is causing a traffic accident, in which someone can be injured and large property codes can occur. The damaged person will then ask me for a patina. Anyone who wants to avoid such problems can insure me.

Pojitn odpovdnosti za kodu oban

Liability insurance refers to codes that bind to third parties. The obligation to pay the caused code for it is taken over by the insurer. Bills are also codes that cause a person to go with a binder in one household. The insurance company pays the insurance indemnity directly to the injured person, the obligation to notify the insurance company of the occurrence of the insurance event.

Insurance products offered by insurance companies

In practice, insurance companies most often offer insurance liability for codes in ordinary civil life and insurance liability for codes of the owner, landlord and tenant of real estate.

The specific form of these products differs for individual binders. Somewhere these two types of products are offered separately, somewhere the insurance liability associated with the property can be arranged as a supplementary insurance to the first type of insurance, somewhere both types are offered within a single product.

Some insurance companies can arrange joint liability insurance separately, elsewhere only as a part of a household or real estate insurance company.

As the codes hide the corresponding cap

Insurance liability generally covers codes caused to third parties for health, property and financial codes (for example, subsequent codes such as earnings or reductions in the damage). For these three different types, the connection codes usually set the maximum limits of the insurance indemnity. The highest indemnity can be obtained for codes adapted to health, in the breath of statisc and a million crowns. On the contrary, the performance limits for financial codes and only thousands of crowns. The specific examples are in the table.

The products of these bags in the bottom case cannot be compared in this way. If the scope of the insurance cover and other conditions. They are listed here only as an example of the limit that those interested in agreeing on liability insurance can negotiate.

Examples of insurance indemnity limits in insurance liability for citizen code (products cannot be compared with each other if the scope of insurance coverage)
Come on. product Limit pojistnho plnn u kody (K) Ron insurance Alone can be arranged.
to healthy on vci jin (nap. finann koda)
Allianz Normal 500 tis. 300 tis. 20 tis. 600 K year
Optimal 2000. 500 tis. 30 tis. 1 000 K
Exclusive 5 thousand. 1000. 40 tis. 1 800 K
Exclusive 10 thousand. 2000. 50 tis. 3 800 K
Exclusive 20 thousand. 5 thousand. 100 tis. 7 800 K
esk pojiovna standardn pojitn 2000. 1000. 500 tis. 410 K year
UNDER Pojiovna Variant I 200 tis. 100 tis. 10 tis born
Variant II 500 tis. 250 tis. 20 tis.
Varianta III 1000. 500 tis. 30 tis.

Source: Fincentrum.cz

The insurance company also pays for the insured person the costs of the civil court for compensation of the code, the costs of the out-of-court hearing of the injured party and the costs of the first representation of the insured person.

In order to prevent insurance fraud, some persons are excluded from the possibility of claiming compensation. Liability insurance generally does not apply to codes that are liable in a way to other persons covered by a single insurance contract, to their spouses, siblings, relatives in a number of persons and to persons who are also in a joint household with them. As well as to the business entity in which I have to insure (or persons close to or with us in the common household) property. For the same reason, this insurance company also does not cover the liability for the code entered into by the insurance company voluntarily above the scope determined by the first regulations or the contracted agreement.

Vluky z pojitn

Loans from insurance companies are exhaustively exchangeable under insurance conditions. The most common are the following:

The insurance company does not cover the liability of the insurance company for the code caused by:

* mentally connected (even a person close to him or going with him in the common household)* activities for which the obligation to perform other insurance liability for the code or which arises from the performance even without concluding an insurance contract* the management, operation and ownership of motor vehicles, aircraft and vessels of any kind* in connection with the performance of the authorized bond* in connection with the entrepreneurial activity of the insurance company* unpaid fines, penalties, sanctions (which were imposed on the insured, for example, by the financial board, social security authorities, health insurance company)* on ivotnm prosted* contamination of water, soil, air, gradual ingress of moisture* vvojem, vrobou a instalac software* from the loss, damage or reduction of the ability to operate and use telecommunications equipment, computer systems, software, internet, data and the like * infectious diseases of humans, animals or plants, blood derivatives, transmission of HIV* psobenm elektromagnetickch pol, elektromagnetickho a radioaktivnho zen* by various events, terrorism, repressive interventions of state authorities and security forces of the state

The probability of causing very costly codes in ordinary civil life is not very great. Due to the fact that the insurance premiums of some simple types of insurance or not at all are high, it is definitely not recommended to code them. As a link, it should serve primarily to exclude large financial codes. By agreeing on the insurance indemnity, which will mean that the insurance company will not reimburse any codes, it can be charged on the paid insurance premium.