Al-Wazir: No to the city train “extremely disappointing”

Almost two thirds of the Wiesbaden residents who took part in the vote on the Citybahn voted against the project. Transport Minister Al-Wazir is disgruntled about this.

Outcome: Ultimately, the no-sayers won

Dhe Hessian Minister of Economic Affairs Tarek Al-Wazir (The Greens) regrets the result of the Wiesbaden referendum on the construction of a tram. “The Wiesbaden residents ‘no’ to the Citybahn is extremely disappointing,” he said in Wiesbaden. One of the most congested cities in Germany with serious problems with air quality decided against a rail project that would have meant emission-free and sustainable mobility for the city and the entire region.

According to the minister, the result of the referendum clearly shows: “Majorities for the traffic turnaround are not a matter of course, they have to be fought for with great effort.” To make cycle paths or the promotion of e-mobility “more climate-friendly. “But none of that is enough if the transport turnaround is not supported by the middle of society.”

Clear citizen vote

After years of debate, the Wiesbadeners voted against the Citybahn on Sunday. According to the preliminary official final result of the referendum, a clear majority of 62.1 percent rejected the construction of the 40-kilometer tram route. According to the city of Wiesbaden, the turnout was around 46.2 percent.

The new tram route should have connected the two state capitals Mainz and Wiesbaden as well as Bad Schwalbach im Taunus. According to the city of Wiesbaden, the construction should cost around 426 million euros. The project had been controversial for years; there were citizens’ initiatives for and against the construction.