Aviation should get one billion euros

The federal and state governments are planning financial aid for aviation. Large financial gaps have opened up in the industry: BER is missing 660 million euros. Air traffic control also needs money.

Terminal 1 of BER in the early evening

Dhe federal government wants to help the aviation industry, which has been hard hit by the corona pandemic. Financial aid is planned – also for the capital city airport BER. There is also an understanding between Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), the German press agency learned on Sunday from government circles. The “Handelsblatt” had previously reported on it.

Federal aid of half a billion euros for troubled airports is planned. Countries should give another half a billion euros. It was said that there was “largely” positive feedback from the countries.

The corona crisis caused the number of passengers to collapse, and there is no rapid improvement in sight. The airports have little income, but have to pay ongoing operating costs. At an “air traffic summit” of politics and business around two weeks ago, Scheuer had spoken of a rescue package of one billion euros. At that time, however, there was still no agreement with Scholz.

The BER lacks 660 million euros

Scheuer had proposed a 50:50 model. Half of the responsibility should lie with the federal states and the municipalities in which airports are located, and 50 percent with the federal government. In a submission by the Ministry of Finance to the Bundestag’s budget committee, aid is provided for the airports in Berlin, Cologne-Bonn and Munich, in which the federal government is involved. The budget committee is discussing next Thursday in the so-called adjustment meeting on the federal budget 2021. The Bundestag should then approve the budget in mid-December.

The background to the additional aid for the capital city airport BER is a significantly larger financial gap. The airport had only recently opened after years of delays. According to the submission by the Ministry of Finance, the management of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has determined a financial requirement for the coming year of up to 660 million euros on the basis of the business plan 2021 and with a view to the effects of the pandemic – which they cannot cover with their own contributions and other savings measures could.

The federal government thus accounted for 171.6 million euros in accordance with the shareholder share. The shareholders of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH are the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, each with a share of 37 percent, and the federal government with a share of 26 percent. In 2020, around 30 percent of passengers have flown at Berlin airports compared to 2019, according to the template. A return to a passenger volume as in 2019 is only expected between 2023 and 2027.

The German air traffic control should also be supported. According to the proposal by the Ministry of Finance, the share capital in the 2021 federal budget is to be increased by 300 million euros. This is intended to guarantee the loss of revenue due to the corona and the continuation of operations. Air traffic control belongs to the federal government. The federal government had already supported the ailing Lufthansa with a billion dollar rescue package.