Banking news: let yourself be lured?

Banks have introduced many new products in recent months and announced several changes. eho se tkaly? The most new products were in the field of payment cards and consumer goods, incl. Of the fees, the one for the cancellation was discussed here. So what happened in the banks?

The debate over banking services and fees, developed by the Ministry of Finance with its demands for changes in the banking sector, was closely monitored. The most visible consequences were honored by the clients with the cancellation fee here. Banks began swarming him in the summer. In then, eBanka and Volksbank deleted this fee from the tariff. Thus, only SOB, which does not cover the fee, remains on the market from the big bank, and from 1 November. This does not apply to her Potovn spoitelny, which we will ask the client for the cancellation of any of the postage data of 200 crowns.

Students are on a new account

Volksbank and Komern banka introduced new products from the area of ​​balk services for students. The Gaudeamus² account from KB is in a new version with embossed payment card MasterCard with ip and travel insurance offered for 20 crowns per month. In June, she offered a FREE Volkbank account to students aged 15 to 26.

The recipient of the zsk is kept free of charge bnho tu with a convenient year, payment card with travel insurance, internetbanking and overdraft. The product thus spread a relatively rich offer for students in the banking market. Volksbank is only the fourth bank to offer students free of charge.

MasterCard i v ivnobance

He gave news new banking houses, especially in the field of payment cards. ivnobanka started issuing ip payment cards with the Maestro logo from the 1st onwards. If the client receives it by the end of 2005, his new card will be maintained free of charge for the first year. Simultaneously with the introduction of the card, the bank completed the transformation of ATMs into IP technology and began to accept MasterCard payment cards in them.

Co-branded cards are still vc

Zmny se udly i na poli karet kreditnch. HVB Bank has been updated kreditn karty in cooperation with partners. Their best advantage is keeping the card free of charge, if the owner spends at least 35 thousand crowns on it. From now on, HVB Bank will offer a VISA Generali card, which can be obtained by the insurance company’s clients if they conclude a compulsory guarantee. Get not only a potent bonus on the number of cards in the amount of 500 crowns, but also 0.3% of each payment made by the card. In November, the widest offer of co-branded HVB Bank credit cards was extended by a credit card issued with partners of the RENOME loyalty program (eg Baa, droxi, FOKUS OPTIK, Klenoty Aurum and others). Both cards are ipov.

Bank within 2005: Who won this year?

Credit card where to go

MoneyCard from the GE Money group is given by a credit card, which is to me to be more attractive to the recipient. First, at the end of June, the issuer announced a reduction in the limit for free card maintenance from 60 to 48 thousand crowns, and at the end of this credit card, they announced a one-time period for non-cash transactions carried out at the store until 31 December 2005. from the date of the announced event.

Credit cards have also started to be offered by banks as a supplement to the service to hypotenuse vrm. From the first of it it was Hypoten banka and from it Raiffeisenbank. in the case of RB, credit cards are offered on favorable terms in the form of a zero fee for a period of 3 months and a better annual rate of 18% pa, which is a common feature with a credit card from Hypoten banka.

Zmny iu dalch bankovnch produkt

Years pm bankovnictvdid not remain unchanged. Potovn spoitelna offered clients the opportunity to manage a Euro account and a credit card. Since November, SOB has enabled all payment cards VISA Elektron, which it has issued, to make payments over the Internet.

In conjunction with the SOB Group, clients (SOB, Potovn spoitelna) were able to travel a lot of news once, with a fee for withdrawing a payment card from an ATM in Slovakia. This charge was dreamed of 5 K and is now now the same as in R.

With the mind and the blind

From June 15, esk spoitelny clients can rest. From this date, she announced that she is responsible for all transactions with a lost or stolen payment card from the moment the client blocks the card. The bank abolishes the current rule when it was liable for card transactions and from full time on the day when the client blocked the card. Thus, the number of ATMs, which can serve blind and partially sighted clients, has expanded to 23 machines in 21 cities. The difference is also in functionality. Now you can pick up cash, find out the balance here and get a mobile phone Eurotel and Oskar.

Don’t know the offer of new products of banks and savings banks? Do you want to know which products are worth it? Doubt vs don’t let our section- Vyplat se?

Spotebitelsk free pedevm!

The fast loan from Raiffeisenbank underwent several changes during this time. Its maximum limit increased to 200 thousand crowns, the maturity period was extended to 72 msc. Adding to the attractiveness should be the fact that from another RB will offer the possibility of the loan until the end of January 2006 at any time early to repay the whole or the wall without any fee.

The rest in the frame spotebitelskch vr the bag ripped with changes. Potovn spoitelna until the end of November will release applicants for consumer fees in the amount of 1% of the fee. SOB significantly reduced the annual rate of St. Pjka to anything from 13.9% to 8.9% for all recipients from both clients and non-clients. For low years rates at Personal Loans (from 7.15% pa) lk and BAWAG Bank. Nabdka merged with a contest, to whose winners the bank paid the first one provided, incl. GE Money Bank also wants to bring an interesting game (by car) in the competition. The condition of the bag is positive enough about its Express loan. Simplicity in consumer cases as a trump card for a savings bank that can evoke the name of the product – An easy loan that the applicant can issue with the help of 1 certificate of identity must be kept at least 6 months.

New clients are introduced to new clients. In the case of “suitable” vr in connection with external purchases, they will certainly succeed. It is not worthwhile to accept the first offer immediately, but if you should increase the pros and cons of the product and only then decide whether to file a credit card or consumer return. Definitely worth noting is the fixed rate of 8.9% for SOB Pjky on anything that pays for each applicant.


Which of the following news is according to vs the most interesting? Would you choose one of the consumer banks that banks now offer a lot?

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