Banks: how they have conditions

If you think that DEBT CONSOLIDATION will be suitable for vs,
thus merging more vr into one, ask what they will require from the bank.

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IQ pjka (ie consumer loans for refinancing other volumes and up to a total of 500,000 K, you can use loans from other banking or payment institutions, overdrafts, credit card payments and the like (max. 5 loans), optional maturity.

Hypotka Hypotk the client finances an existing mortgage with another institution or provides a building society. The refinancing is always the total debt of the year, with a maturity of 4 and 30 years.

How to meet the conditions: for at least 18 years, the same income is 10,000 K, OSV 15,000 K, landline to work, landline home or mobile, two proofs of identity, proof of income (either the last entries from the bank, or proof of credit In the case of an OSV, a copy of the trade license, a certificate of indebtedness and a tax return for the last two periods, documentation on loans and loans that the client wants to repay / refinance. and a clear statement of the condition of the property, which must be insured.

Free infoline 800 700 800 (non-stop) find out if the bank can provide you with the documents you need, and then arrange an appointment with the bank or go to a branch and sign a contract within the hour.

years determined by the bank according to ve vru, time of fulfillment and creditworthiness of the client, from 7.15%, APR from 11.31%.

Against the inability to meet it is possible to insure with the Cardif Pro Vita insurance company.

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Expres pjka The refinancing loan is available for unsecured and non-target bank loans and several installment companies with regular payments. Consolidation is possible with an unlimited number of loans (at least two), the total amount of outstanding amounts must range from 30 to 100 thousand crowns for new clients, for existing clients and up to 200 thousand crowns, for creditworthy and more, the bank does not require a guarantee.

How to meet the conditions: aged 18 and 65, ID card plus type of proof of identity (ID card, passport or birth certificate), according to the need to provide proof of income and contracts for current debts. If the beneficiary does not borrow from GE Money Bank, he will also need proof of permanent residence. Arrive with the documents at the bank’s branch and the entire consolidation can be issued within 40 minutes (for new clients, you need to give the required 24 hours to the oven). The bank’s employees issue free of charge communication with banks and real estate companies on behalf of the client.

The bank finds out the solidity of the client in the bank register of client information. If the client has enough creditworthiness, I can get it and give me an extra for anything.

years determined by the bank according to ve vru, time of fulfillment and creditworthiness of the client from 9.9%, APR from 10.62%.

Against the inability to meet it is possible to insure with the Cardif Pro Vita insurance company.


Optimln a drink consolidation of consumer loans, credit cards, authorized debits and loans companies. Refinancing of two or more amounts from 30 thousand crowns and up to half a million, up to 250 thousand crowns without collateral. Optional maturity and up to ten years.

How to meet the conditions: vk from 18 years of age, you need proof of identity, confirmation of income and all documentation of consolidated incl. If the client wants a maturity of more than six years, the bank requires that its client be at least one month. The client comes to the branch and advises the bank if consolidation is appropriate in his case. The client must have to go to the bank for a fee, for which he pays 36 crowns per month. There is no charge for the Optimal loan. Sample contracts and conditions are available at

The bank washes free of charge pedasn paid loan.

Client solidity finds the bank in the register of client information. When the payment is due, the bank adviser is in contact with the client and he can offer him a postponement of the installment and a six month or change of the installment calendar.

years determined by the bank According to the company, the time of payment and creditworthiness of the client are from 9.66%, an overview of the fee, which relates to the loan, is attached to the contract.

Insurance against inability to meet is provided free of charge.

Consolidation vr, offer of individual banks here