Becoming a mother costs women a fortune

Childless women earn two thirds more than three mothers in their lifetime. The financial disadvantages could even worsen due to the corona crisis.

Even the decision to have a child reduces the life income of mothers by an average of 40 percent compared to childless women.

KObtaining Indian is still associated with enormous income losses for women, despite improved childcare options. While childless women have narrowed the income gap with men over time, the gap between mothers and childless women is widening. That is the central result of a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation that will be published this Monday. The so-called lifelong income goes down in comparison to childless women on average “by around 40 percent” if a woman decides to have a child, according to the study, which the FAZ has received in advance. If a woman has three or more children, it may even be almost 70 percent.

The calculations shed new light on the income gap between the sexes and on the situation of mothers. So far, the debate has focused on the gender pay gap, which compares the gross hourly wages of women and men. Last year, according to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, the lead for men was 20 percent. However, three quarters of the difference in earnings does not apply if women and men in similar professions and positions are compared.