Billing of additional rental costs is incorrect

A current study shows: More than every fourth rental ancillary cost statement contains significant errors – almost always at the expense of the tenant.

The billing of the additional rental costs is often incorrect.  The tenant is almost always the victim.

MOr more than every fourth rental ancillary cost statement is incorrect according to a current evaluation. The landlords not only make mistakes when calculating additional claims – most of the credit notes examined are also to the detriment of the tenants, as the analysis by the Mineko test portal showed. It was available to the AFP news agency. Often tenants can get back several hundred euros.

According to its own statements, the startup Mineko checked a total of almost 30,000 invoices for accuracy. The company makes a living by finding mistakes and helping tenants with objections.

87 percent of all rental ancillary costs bills submitted to Mineko were requests for additional payment, the amount indicated averaging 487 euros. The examiners found errors in 86 percent of the cases. On average, an additional payment would have to be 214 euros less.

13 percent of the bills submitted were credits with an average amount of 229 euros. “Credits on utility bills can be a trap for tenants: They are happy about the money being refunded instead of questioning the correctness of the credit,” said Mineko managing director Chris Möller. In fact, the auditors found 77 percent to be incorrect – on average, the tenants were entitled to 110 euros more.

Not only the amount of the sum turned out to be incorrect in most cases. Eleven percent of the statements submitted were invalid due to formal errors or incorrect deadlines. In this situation, tenants are not obliged to comply with a request for payment. According to Mineko, consumers can save an average of 487 euros in back payments.