It’s difficult to decide which of these two is cuter, 93-year-old Sally or 1-year-old Brody. Regardless, they are beautiful to see when they are all together. Sally, 93, who lost her husband in 1990, has spent the last 15 years residing next door to Dave Mazarella in Mount Vernon, Washington. She has known all of his dogs, but never felt as much a connection with one as she has with Brody, Mazarella’s one-year-old Saint Bernard.

The Meeting

Brody, who has a very successful Instagram account, paid Sally a visit before noon, Sally was eager to report to TODAY. She asserted, “He was here already this morning; he came over with Dave.” Oh, what a darling! I suggested that he have some bread for breakfast.

A Budding Friendship

Brody sees Sally several times a day, and it’s obvious that they make each other’s lives better. “Brody would wander over to her house,” Mazarella continued. Then she began providing him with snacks. And the rest is history, as they say. Now, the couple goes together as they stroll to church, watch the news, and pick up the day’s newspaper.

The Bond

Sally remarked, “He’s so delighted as soon as he sees me. Dave claims it’s my voice that makes Brody adore me so much. She moved to Washington in 1952 but had grown up on her family’s farm in Holland, where she had developed a love of animals.

A Family Affair

Only one of Sally’s four children actually resides close by. She stays in touch with each of them frequently, and they all appreciate seeing Brody and her together just as much as the rest of us do. Sally believes that her positive demeanor may very well be the reason why she has lived such a long, full life. This dynamic duo undoubtedly has a way of bringing joy to our hearts. “My dad always said that I was the firstborn and that he thought I was a joy from the day I was born,” she continued. “I’ve experienced a few setbacks, but I quickly recover.”


In a world where loneliness can often prevail, the heartwarming story of Sally and Brody serves as a touching reminder that unexpected friendships can blossom and enrich our lives, regardless of age. Their bond is a testament to the power of companionship, bringing joy and happiness to both of them.


1. How did Sally and Brody first meet? Sally and Brody first met when Brody paid Sally a visit with his owner, Dave Mazarella, who lived next door to Sally.

2. What is the age of Sally, and how long has she been living alone? Sally is 93 years old, and she has been living alone since her husband’s passing in 1990.

3. Why is Brody so fond of Sally? Dave Mazarella, Brody’s owner, believes that Brody adores Sally due to her voice and warm demeanor.

4. Where did Sally grow up, and what is her connection to animals? Sally grew up on her family’s farm in Holland, which is where she developed a deep love for animals.

5. How has the friendship between Sally and Brody impacted Sally’s life? Sally believes that her positive outlook and her bond with Brody have contributed to her long and fulfilling life, despite some setbacks.

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