Can Dogs Eat Walnuts? Are Walnuts Safe For Pet Dogs?

Can pet dogs consume walnuts? Possibly the idea of sharing one with your pooch crossed your mind while cracking open a few walnuts to snack on yourself. If humans can eat walnuts, can dogs safely eat them as well?

The short answer is no, pets can’t eat walnuts safely. While they’re not practically identified as being hazardous for dogs, any moldy walnuts or black walnuts have substances called tremorgenic mycotoxins which are poisonous for pets.

In addition, the shells can serve as a choking hazard, and also the high fat nature of walnuts indicates that they are tough for pets to easily digest.

If you pet took care of to eat some walnuts, keep an eye out for symptoms, and call your vet for advice. Below’s what you need to know about walnuts and also pet dogs.

Why Are Walnuts Bad For Dogs?
While numerous walnuts are not necessarily harmful for pet dogs, black walnuts as well as moldy walnuts can be harmful.

This is due to the presence important called tremorgenic mycotoxins, which can generate signs consisting of vomiting, diarrhea and also a fever, in addition to prompting neurological troubles as well as even triggering seizures.

Additionally, the shells of walnuts can become a choking danger for numerous pet dogs. And also, any type of fractured items of walnut shells can likewise cause a gastrointestinal obstruction if a pet dog swallows them.

Lastly, walnuts are a food that is really high in fat, that makes them tricky for canines to safely and successfully absorb.

What Should I Do If My Canine Consumes Walnuts?

If you discover that your pet has actually been consuming shelled walnuts, watch on them for any kind of immediate signs and symptoms, as well as likewise attempt as well as find out how many nuts they could have eaten. If it appears that the walnuts are upsetting your pet dog, seek advice from your vet.

As a whole, if you observe that your dog has eaten either a walnut in its shell or parts of a broken walnut’s covering, it’s safest to talk with your vet, and consider bringing your dog in for a medical examination. This is due to the fact that walnut coverings might cause an internal obstruction or opening, and the signs of that may not be instantly visible.

Has your canine ever obtained ill after eating walnuts? Which much safer snacks do you share with your dog? Allow us recognize in the comments below!

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