Changes in the filing of tax returns for the year 2008 raise questions

these editors include questions about the given. It is interesting, for example, whether or not he has to pay tax. How to earn you need to include in the individual boxes. What can they dream of and give.

Ian Rowbotham from bpv consulting answered the questions.

Otzka: As a musician, I play on various music productions, and in 2008 I received about 25,000 crowns from this activity. I am currently employed. Do I have to pay income tax on income from musical activities? And what about health and social insurance?IR: Income from business activities is exempt from personal income tax, if its income for a calendar year does not exceed CZK 20,000. You have exceeded this limit, so you are obliged to file an income tax return and declare all ordinary income taxable for tax purposes, not just the limit setting. Health and social insurance are not provided.

Otzka: In 2008 I was paid severance pay. The employer paid it to me and taxed it at a 15 percent income tax rate, but he did not state this tax in the certificate of taxable income. Is that so right? Do I have to pay the deposit for the tax in the amount of 84 tax returns, even if it is not stated in the confirmation from the employer?

IR: Severance pay is income from vertical activity and together with other income from this employer is included in the certificate of taxable income and also withholding of income tax. Notify your former employer of the error and submit it for the first confirmation.

Otzka: In January 2008, my employer did not give me a discount on my dependent son. Am I missing out on this discount? Can I claim a supplement in any way?

IR: The right to tax suitable for raising a child with you in the same household can be claimed in the local tax or in the tax return, even if it was not exercised during the year.
Otzka: I am employed and last year I became the chairman of our housing estate. I will receive a reward of 4,000 crowns twice a year. How is this income daov eit?
IR: Your “reward” is income from vertical activity, and if it does not exceed 5,000 crowns per calendar month, such income is taxed at a special tax rate of 15 percent. I have this obligation to knock down and remove the debris. This means that your duties are strong. The question does not indicate whether the fire is coming from the day, and I recommend doing so.

Otzka: I’m a student. Am I obliged to file a tax return when I have a business license, but I have only issued a few hundred crowns?IR: If you do not claim a tax loss and your income did not exceed 15,000 crowns for the tax period, it does not impose an obligation to file a tax return in the income tax account. Since you are registered with the tax administrator, I recommend that you inform him by letter that your income did not exceed 15,000 crowns, and for this reason you will not be grumpy. Otherwise, you may be prompted to initiate an invitation, and then you must comply with that invitation.

Father: The son is a student. I am entitled to a tax bonus, but I’m not sure if for the whole vi, when I was employed only 11 months last year?

IR: If the conditions for the application of the tax advantage have been met throughout the year, you can apply them in full in the tax return in full, even if the income from the vertical activity lasted only after a hundred years.

Otzka: To apply to him to reduce the tax base paid years from the raid from the building society, which I used to buy an apartment, in which, however, I did not live and I did not live here, but temporarily rent it?

IR: If you do not live in the apartment, do not use it for living by a husband, children, parents or grandparents, but rent it, the deduction cannot be applied for a year.

Otzka: In 2008, I paid property transfer tax in the amount of 12,500 crowns in connection with the use of the property, which is now rented. Can I get it out of the day?

IR: The tax paid on the transfer of the property can also be claimed by the buyer. This procedure is governed by Instruction D-300 issued by the Ministry of Finance. It is assumed that you are applying a real (not pauln) fee against the rent.

Question: My daughter, who is studying combined study V, is employed on a part-time basis (6 hours) due to the round. Can I claim a tax credit for it? IR: If the conditions for the application of the tax advantage are met, ie. The daughter lives with you in the same household, she is constantly preparing for the future permit and she has not turned 26 years old, you can apply it with a favorable application.