The distinctive-looking Chow pet dog breed has a pleased, independent spirit that some refer to as catlike. They can be unresponsive– if you’re looking for a cuddle friend, this most likely isn’t the most effective breed for you– and downright questionable of complete strangers. But for the best person, they can be a very loyal friend.
Even though these are purebred pets, you might find them in the treatment of sanctuaries or rescue groups. Bear in mind to adopt! Don’t shop if you wish to bring a canine house.
As an independent type, these puppies need patience and also consistency, as well as you may need to do a couple of points on their terms. Novice pet dog parents beware. While these pet dogs can adjust to home life, they require lots of workout, and also they do not take pleasure in being left home alone for lengthy hrs of the day. If you can give experienced training and also lots of exercise, you’ll have a faithful, protective, furry member of the family.
See listed below for total list of pet dog breed attributes as well as realities regarding Chow Chows!

Chow Chow Canine Type Pictures

More About This Type

With his deep-set eyes and also huge head, emphasized by a hair of hair, the Chow (Chow for short) is an impressive-looking canine. His appearances might make you believe he’s mean or moody, yet a well-bred as well as well-raised Chow isn’t hostile.
Instead, it’s said that the Chow integrates the nobility of a lion, the drollness of a panda, the charm of a teddybear, the poise and independence of a cat, and the loyalty as well as dedication of a canine. He’s additionally dignified and withdrawn, as befits a type that was as soon as kept in imperial Chinese kennels.
He’s not actually keen on being hugged or bothered, but he’ll be a peaceful, alert friend to his preferred person, and also his commitment extends to various other relative. If he’s raised with children, he’ll accept them voluntarily, but he’s not the kind of pet dog to tolerate abuse, so he’s best for residences with older youngsters who know exactly how to treat canines.
If he has great deals of positive experiences with strangers throughout his impressionable puppyhood, he’ll deal with unfamiliar people with equanimity. This is, nevertheless, a highly territorial and protective type, that’ll give a clear caution to any individual approaching without his individual’s welcome.
The type’s most remarkable physical feature may be his blue-black tongue. According to Chinese tale, the tongue obtained its blue hue at the time of creation, when a Chow licked up drops of the shade as the skies was being repainted. He additionally stands out for his virtually straight rear legs, which provide him a tight, choppy, or stilted stride. He’s not fast, so he’s not the very best option for a jogger, yet he has excellent endurance and also can be a great strolling buddy.
When it concerns training, a spoken correction is generally all that’s required to establish the Chow straight. No pet should ever be struck, yet it’s particularly counterproductive with this type. The very pleased and also independent Chow will certainly never react to physical abuse. But earn his regard with company consistency, and you won’t have any trouble educating him.
If you admire the Chow Chow’s distinct appearance as well as independent spirit, you’ll have an increasingly devoted buddy who will certainly be a true treasure in your family.


  • Chow Chows are extremely independent and aloof, as well as they need a proprietor that appreciates those qualities yet will not let the pet take control of.
  • Chows need to be well mingled– presented to new people, pets, and scenarios starting in very early puppyhood– to guarantee that they’re secure and also unwinded as grownups.
  • Chow Chows might bond with just a single person or to their prompt family. They’re suspicious of unfamiliar people.
  • Chows need to be combed two or 3 times a week to maintain their coat in good condition.
  • Chows can live in houses or apartments, so long as they obtain everyday workout.
  • Due to his deep-set eyes, the Chow has actually limited field of vision; it’s ideal to approach him from the front.
  • To obtain a healthy and balanced dog, never acquire a puppy from a puppy mill, a family pet store, or a breeder who does not supply wellness clearances or assurances. Try to find a reputable breeder who evaluates her reproduction pets to make sure they’re free of genetic diseases that they could pass onto the young puppies and also who types for sound characters.


  • Professionals have lengthy hypothesized that the Chow is just one of the oldest pet breeds, as well as hereditary screening has proven that to be true. The ancient type is believed to have originated in Mongolia as well as Northern China, slowly relocating south with the nomadic people of Mongolia.
  • Early representations of pet dogs appearing like the Chow appear in ceramic and paintings from the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 22 ADVERTISEMENT). One Chinese emperor was stated to have maintained 2,500 sets of Chows as hunting dogs. In addition to hunting, the pet dogs were used to safeguard their proprietors’ possessions. On the down side, their fur was used to trim coats as well as their flesh was taken into consideration a delicacy.
  • In China, the type passed numerous names: black-tongue canine (hei shi-tou), wolf dog (lang gou), bear pet dog (xiang gou), as well as Canton pet dog (Guangdong gou). Just how he became the Chow is an intriguing tale.
  • British sellers in the late 18th century consisted of a few of the bearlike pets in their freight. Assorted items, including dogs, were referred to as “chow chow” as well as the name stuck to the type.
  • In 1781, the Chow was described in a British publication, Natural History and Classical Times of Selbourne, by naturalist Gilbert White. His neighbors had actually brought home a set of Chow Chows from Canton (now Guangdong), and he included them in his observations of country life. Fanciers say the type has altered little considering that White covered them greater than 200 years back.
  • It had not been until a century later on, nonetheless, that Chow Chows were imported often. Queen Victoria, that liked pet dogs, took a passion in the breed, which increased its popularity. A breed club formed in England in 1895.
  • The first Chow to make a look at an American pet program was named Takya, that took 3rd area in the Miscellaneous Course at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1890. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the breed in 1903, and also the very first Chow signed up with the AKC was called Yen Exactly how.
  • Chow Chows were in vogue among the abundant as well as well-known during the 1920s. They even made it to the White House, where Head Of State Calvin Coolidge and his better half maintained Timmy, a red Chow, and Blackberry, a black chow. Analyst Sigmund Freud was also a Chow follower, and also his daughter Anna maintained as well as bred the pets. A lot more current followers include Martha Stewart; Chows in some cases appear with her on her television program.
  • Today, Chow Chows ranking 64th in popularity among the 155 types as well as varieties acknowledged by the AKC.

The Chow stands 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder as well as considers 40 to 70 extra pounds.

Some compare the Chow Chow’s personality to that of a feline: aloof, scheduled, independent, sensible, smart, and also persistent.
In spite of his grimace, a good Chow should never ever be aggressive or reluctant. Chows tend to mind their very own company and don’t typically begin problem. They’ll have fun with their people, yet complete strangers are of no interest to them unless they’re coming close to the Chow’s residence without invitation from his proprietor– in which case he’ll challenge the invader. He will, nonetheless, allow strangers touch him if introduced by among his proprietors.
A Chow have to be extensively mingled– introduced to new people, dogs, and also scenarios– as a young puppy if he’s going to be risk-free and also relaxed as an adult.

Health and wellness

  • Chow Chows are normally healthy, but like all types, they can obtain particular wellness problems. Not all Chows will certainly get any kind of or all of these illness, but it is essential to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed.
  • If you’re getting a young puppy, discover a good dog breeder who will show you health and wellness clearances for both your puppy’s moms and dads. Health and wellness clearances prove that a dog’s been tested for as well as cleared of a particular condition.
  • In Chows, you ought to anticipate to see wellness clearances from the Orthopedic Structure for Animals for hips as well as from the Canine Eye Computer Registry Foundation (CERF) licensing that the eyes are typical.
  • Because some health problems don’t appear till a canine gets to complete maturation, wellness clearances aren’t provided to pet dogs younger than 2 years old. Look for a breeder that doesn’t reproduce her pet dogs until they’re 2 or three years old.
  • The adhering to troubles aren’t usual in the breed, however they may happen:
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) is a heritable problem in which the thighbone doesn’t fit comfortably right into the hip joint. Some pet dogs show pain and also lameness on one or both rear legs, but you might not observe any type of indicators of discomfort in a dog with hip dysplasia. As the dog ages, arthritis can establish. X-ray testing for hip dysplasia is done by the Orthopedic Structure for Animals or the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP). Hip dysplasia is hereditary, however it can be gotten worse by ecological factors, such as quick development from a high-calorie diet regimen or injuries sustained from jumping or falling on slick floors.
  • Entropion causes the eyelid to roll internal, bothersome or hurting the eyeball. One or both eyes can be influenced. If your Chow has entropion, you may notice him rubbing at his eyes. The problem can be corrected operatively.

Chows can adjust to a selection of homes, from royal residences to apartment or condos. But they should always live inside with their individuals, not stuck out in a backyard or kennel. They don’t tolerate heat well, so keep them indoors when the weather condition is boiling.
Like any dog, a grown-up Chow requires everyday workout to remain healthy as well as pleased, however very little– he’ll be pleased with a number of 15-minute walks daily or one longer walk.
A Chow is a homebody that’s not susceptible to straying, however you’ll still desire a safe and secure fencing if you have actually obtained a lawn; it will certainly safeguard him from website traffic and also prevent complete strangers from approaching him when you’re not about to manage.
Chows are easily housetrained, however dog crate training is highly advised. Dog crates make housetraining much easier as well as maintain your Chow from chewing things while you’re away. The crate is a tool, not a jail, nonetheless, so do not keep your Chow secured in it for long periods. The best place for a Chow is with you.
Chows are more than with the ability of learning anything you can teach, as well as a verbal correction is normally all that’s required to set them right. No pet needs to ever be hit, yet it’s specifically counterproductive with this type. The increasingly proud as well as independent Chow will never ever reply to physical abuse. Earn his respect in puppyhood with firm uniformity, and you will not have any trouble training him. Yet if you let the charming puppy have his means at all times and afterwards attempt to educate him, you make certain to deal with issues.

Suggested day-to-day quantity: 2 to 2 3/4 cups of a premium canine food daily, separated right into two meals.
How much your adult canine consumes relies on his size, age, develop, metabolism, and task level. Pet dogs are people, similar to individuals, and they do not all need the same amount of food. It virtually do without claiming that a highly energetic canine will require greater than a couch potato dog. The quality of dog food you purchase also makes a distinction– the far better the pet food, the further it will certainly go toward beneficial your dog and also the less of it you’ll need to tremble right into your pet dog’s bowl.
Keep your Chow in good shape by determining his food and feeding him twice a day instead of leaving food out regularly. If you’re uncertain whether he’s obese, offer him the eye examination and also the hands-on test. Initially, overlook at him. You must be able to see a midsection. After that place your hands on his back, thumbs along the spinal column, with the fingers spread downward. You ought to have the ability to really feel but not see his ribs without having to push hard. If you can not, he requires much less food and also even more exercise.
For extra on feeding your Chow, see our guidelines for purchasing the best food, feeding your pup, as well as feeding your adult pet.

Coat Color And Also Pet Grooming
Chows can have 2 coat types, harsh as well as smooth. The rough layer, which is what most people are used to seeing, is thick as well as abundant, standing off from the body like a parka. Beneath that external coat exists a soft, thick, woolly undercoat. The hair is thicker around the head and neck, developing a ruff, or hair. The tail, which lies over the back, is likewise heavily furred.
The smooth layered Chow has a hard, thick, smooth outer coat without apparent ruff or feathering (longer hair on the ears, legs, tail, or body).
In both types, the coat is available in 5 shades: red (which can range from light gold to deep mahogany) black, blue, cinnamon (light fawn to deep cinnamon) as well as cream. These colors may be strong or solid with lighter shadings in the ruff, tail, and feathering.
If you’re buying a puppy, do not be roped right into paying extra for so-called rare or unique colors. Some dog breeders explain their dogs’ shades as sparkling wine, silver, lilac, chocolate, or white, however these are simply expensive names for the routine colors. There’s no need to pay a costs for them, and also reputable breeders won’t try to charge one.
Expect to comb your Chow three times a week to keep the layer in good condition and to maintain loose hair from landing on your clothes as well as furnishings. Chow Chows are hefty seasonal shedders, as well as the layer calls for added focus during that time. They have no doggy odor if the layer is brushed typically.
For cleaning, you’ll need a stainless-steel Greyhound comb with medium-coarse teeth; a medium-size slicker brush for the legs; a tool pin brush for the longer body layer; and also a spray container of diluted coat conditioner for misting the layer as you comb. Never ever comb a completely dry coat or the hair will certainly break. Brush all the way down to the skin or you’re likely to miss out on mats and also tangles.
You’ll most likely wish to shower your Chow at the very least monthly– more frequently if he plays outdoors often as well as gets unclean.
Various other grooming needs include dental hygiene and also nail treatment. Brush your Chow’s teeth at least two or 3 times a week to eliminate tartar accumulation and bacteria. Daily is much better. Trim his nails as required, possibly once or twice a month. If you can listen to the nails clicking on the flooring, they’re also long. Short nails keep the feet in good condition and also protect against agonizing, bloody splits.
Start brushing your Chow when he’s a puppy to obtain him utilized to it. Manage his paws regularly– pets are touchy about their feet– as well as look inside his mouth as well as ears. Make grooming a favorable experience filled with appreciation and also incentives, as well as you’ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinarian examinations and also various other handling when he’s a grown-up.

Kid And Also Various Other Pet dogs
When they’re increased with children, Chow Chows can do well with them, but they’re not a rough and tumble pet dog that will tolerate a great deal of misuse from a kid. Chows do best in families with older kids who comprehend how to deal with a dog.
Just like any type of canine, always instruct kids how to come close to as well as touch your Chow, and monitor all communications between canines and kids to avoid any kind of attacking or ear drawing from either event.
Chows that are socialized and trained well can quadrate various other dogs as well as pet cats, especially if they’re presented to them in puppyhood. They do best, nevertheless, with pet dogs of the opposite sex; they might battle with canines of the exact same sex.

Rescue Teams
Chow Chows are sometimes bought without any clear understanding of what enters into having one, and also these pet dogs typically wind up in the treatment of rescue teams, looking for adoption or promoting. Various other Chows end up in rescue due to the fact that their owners have divorced or died. If you’re interested in taking on an adult Chow who’s already undergone the devastating young puppy phase and may currently be trained, a rescue team is an excellent area to start.

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