COMMENT: Posting mandatory wages in advertisements is absurd

Do companies have their salaries in their job advertisements, or is it better not to state their income? In Slovakia, do not have a vbr, in our neighbor it is even mandatory. Does that make sense? This is a question that HR Surka from the personnel-consulting company Devire asked about in a comment.

Whoever is looking for a new job is for him one of the longest criteria in wages. Some of the company’s salary conditions are mentioned in job advertisements, others are secret. In Slovakia, a new bill has been paid since the spring of this year, which the company orders a salary in the advertisement.

To instruct a company to state a salary in a job advertisement, my bag seems absurd. This can lead to awkward situations. Companies often get a salary and depending on how much experience and skills the employee has during the interview.

In Slovakia, now, due to the new law, companies can not accept the hunter for her salary, they did not state in the advertisement. It often happens that an advertiser who is far junior is admitted to the advertised position, not the advertiser is mistaken. Pesto would try it in companies. This will ultimately lead to a bypass of companies, companies will be forced to cut out new positions so as not to conflict with legislation.

In my opinion, in the future income, an agreement is agreed between the employee and the employer in a private network on the private matter of the two entities, which results from a mutual agreement. Each company decides for itself whether to publish a salary in a job advertisement or not. Both have their advantages and certain rocks.

The advantage of publishing an advertisement is, for example, fast filtering of unsuitable candidates. People who pay you do not respond to the reward offered at all and do not waste time at the interview. The same salary for HR professionals simplifies the selection of new employees for them as best as possible.

On the other hand, the employer has enough reasons not to disclose the paid wage in advance. Companies often do not want to reveal their salary strategy before the competition. And sometimes it is better not to publish the salary of a new employee due to future colleagues.

Last but not least, when recruiting candidates, the HR manager is sure to leave the back of the drill ajar, when the salary is finally offered in accordance with the experience and knowledge of the selected employee. Sometimes you are not originally mistaken, other times it is not.

What should definitely not be missing in the advertisement, various benefits are offered for pay. In addition to a small reward, candidates also place an emphasis on flexible working hours or the possibility of education and further personal development.