COMMENT: The most important characteristics of an investor in crisis? Not just psychological resilience

Who wouldn’t want to value a great investment with their pension. Only investing is not possible without a certain degree of risk. But how should an investor behave when the crisis occurs? Vclav Pech, an investment analyst at Broker Trust, will present his personal experience.

I have been moving in the markets with my own pensions for a long time and people often ask if it makes sense to invest when the prices of the stock have been rising for ten years. The questions are similar: Aren’t there many tracks at the event? What can I do when I buy you and the crisis comes within a year? Isn’t it better to repent, and the crisis will come and then, and will the shares be cheap, then buy?

These are meaningful questions, the crisis will undoubtedly come. Just no one can thank when it will be. And by the time the party would be a code.

Upmn eeno, wait, and the crisis comes and then disappears again, is a good idea. The problem is that no one knows when the crisis will come and so they will not know the exact moment when the appetites of these bsnc monsters will begin to fade and wait for us for several years, even a decade, only a little better. From this point of view, the previous weight loses some sense and leads to the fact that the hunter will never invest.

When to go to the world

Bute as rational as possible. You will be an investor, but you will not be able to predict the development of the stock market. Where the prices of the event will move in five years, no one is online today. Regardless of the number of titles that the expert touches.

But furnaces only, we have been growing for ten years, so there is no likelihood that we will manage to get the crisis by anything in t? me nkdo namtnout. Coe? Is the crisis coming? This is a furnace for investors great at first! In crises, your wealth. Action prices are at a time when the crisis is culminating, and incredibly low. Who would run away from the department store immediately after decades have been announced in all departments, at which time you can buy at an unprecedented rate? It’s the same with stocks. You just need to have something in your penny at such times. When that happens, unfortunately no one will net, but until then aside no sense.

Spend your resources

Consider how much money you can invest in handcuffs. Can you afford to invest in an MSC press? Vborn! Zante with half and put the rest in your wallet and repent, and there will be mucus about these sales. Only then will you open your wallet fully and give the manager of your fund the green light for double purchases.

Sm I shared under the stromeek new stock portfolio. The market was after a sharp slump, when it lost almost twenty percent of its value. You can only imagine for a moment. But I did not invest the whole piece, which mm available. So far, I’ve only turned a quarter of pensions into action. I’m ready to go through the crisis and my wallet is three quarters full. Further purchases will follow at appropriate times. And u will not only be from my pensions. I will use the funds she drinks from dividends during that time. And that’s not bad at all.

What to do when it starts pret?

And what is the first step when a crisis will occur? Pedn doesn’t panic. Yes, it’s tk. It is most important in the entire investment business. It’s a pension furnace. However, imagine a simple and completely valid equation, on the one hand is the result of your investment and on the other hand the second part of the product, in which one factor is the sum of your investment knowledge and skills and the other factor is your psychological resilience, which takes values ​​from zero to one

You can easily increase your zero knowledge in the field by hiring your professional in the form of a fund manager or spending hours, days and years on your own for self-study and tracking financial indicators. Unfortunately, you can try to reduce zero self-resistance, but not fully replace it. If your resilience is close to zero, the results of your investment will be similar, even if you have the knowledge of an investment or a hired professional. How to do it?

Minimize stress, rely on customs

The worst decisions are long under stress and from the abundance of information that we cannot evaluate. For times of crisis, it is good to create routines that make everything an automaton and do not allow your psyche to complain in the temporary consequences of the crisis and force everyone to make the wrong decision.

Do not invest in your investment at most once every six months, even if it is possible. Every day watching the lean people here in time. And the crisis will not change anyway. The only consequence is that from a long-term investor you will become an active trader, and you really don’t want that.

Nette financial media, don’t follow CNBC (except perhaps for the situation that the moderator really likes you, but it will be better if you don’t understand English), and especially you will start various catastrophic financial websites. When I invest for ten or fifteen years, I wonder what will happen in ten or fifteen years and not what happens first. Whether or not, for the outcome of your investment, what is happening today, five weeks and a month, is completely irrelevant.

Go hunting

Listen to politics. No, I didn’t go crazy. And I certainly do not think that the Chamber of Deputies, the government and any other group of politicians are full of people of extraordinary intellect. But you will only remember how often it fears out of our minds when these pnov and dmy in the light of the spotlight say wise that the crisis is up to you to invest. You can do it exactly, even if your head is for something completely different. That’s the reason the two of us invested only half of what we could easily afford. The time has come for us to charge the colt in full force and take the spare ammunition, which we have so far fried safely, and go hunting. Kriz nen teba se bt. The crisis is to your advantage.