COMMENT: What do bitcoin and gold have in common?

Bitcoin is a modern digital currency that we care about a lot. Gold is a classic. It is a precious metal and historically it is simply bought. What m bitcoin and gold together? Martin Mat, an Econom partners, commented on it in the comments.

Apart from the fact that bitcoin and gold are one of the most popular investments in the media, their main connecting element is that they are not investments. None of these assets meet the basic requirement that we should incur in our long-term investment, namely to consistently earn and overcome inflation.

In a way, Bitcoin is just a kind of casino-like speculation, and it’s definitely not something we can all make money for in the long run. Gold, in turn, is only a kind of bond in the extreme global crisis.

Bitcoin me not

Of course, I don’t see those who posted virtually on bitcoin, or those who hope for it, but everyone should really be aware. The marketing argument that bitcoin is an uncentralized and unregulated system can only be demanded. But this is not a reason to buy, but to sell.

I will be happy when the asset in which I am paid or the property in it, will appreciate it objectively and will be in some way protected from frauds and illegal elements. I really don’t want to pay for the price for which I don’t go shopping, I get a pinch.

Truc mna for backlight and against prod

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is just one of many pbh assets behind which water closes again, and pbh is growing in popularity. He is drinking, but it will not be possible. The main reason for his care will be the possibility of illegally transferring pensions, even if anyone could watch. The risk of loss and loss of value is acceptable to potential investors first and only with regard to the possibility to avoid legal or controlled transfers of pensions.

Of course, when bitcoin is produced, it should be opened in the pocket of environmental activists, because the production of one bitcoin is very expensive. In fact, it consumes a huge amount of raw materials, energy and produces a lot of pollutants for something that may not even exist at the base. And it’s not small. Electricity alone now accounts for 0.5% of global consumption! This is probably the consumption of Austria.

Imaginrn milioni a 95 % padlch andl

The fact that bitcoin issued to someone does not mean that there are many new millions among them, because few people realized the price, and moreover, the current price is one year ago. Many entries were actually only imaginative, because in fact only a fraction of the total sweat is traded. In the case of this sale, the price would collapse in full and the total imaginary trillion value would dissipate as it arose. However threats of cryptocurrency are just chimra.

In addition, even the general zen to invest in cryptocurrencies is not as fully profitable as it seems, because it is often a fraud. It is estimated that only about 5% of cryptocurrents, resp. The ICO firm and the number of dead projects spans several hundred, where billions of billions of dollars have been lost.

Gold asset without input, liquidity, but with a past

Gold is a classic. Historically, it is simply bought, because it was even two, but the world is elsewhere. Even dentists of billions don’t use it for a long time. Cheaper leads appear in electronics, which gradually replace gold contacts, and central banks do not have gold as their main reserve asset and get rid of it for a long time. So, to put it bluntly, there are countries or high-risk regions that don’t like the dollar and the euro, and their central banks have no choice but to buy gold.

Of course, perks are insoles and women will have them sooner and whatever, it really suits them, but the amount of gold he puts on them is limited. Only mlokter will carry gold in his ear and on his neck.

Crises are not what they used to be

Apart from its uniqueness and brilliance, gold really doesn’t have much to offer. He doesn’t have years, he doesn’t grow, he doesn’t promise inputs, he just promises them. Even the last crises have not shown that the price of gold increases during the crisis. The Ukrainian crisis was small, Brexit did not close anything, the turbulence on the stock markets did not move the price and the elected Trump and the collapse of Turkey, Venezuela or Argentina did not help gold.

Gold is just an illiquid, precious metal, where you will hope in a global crisis and know that there will be more like you and the price will rise. Of course, there are many analysts who predict any crisis. Although the predictions do not work for them in the long run, they are popular again, because you know a lot more about disasters, which you can also paint.

A completely tragic approach to investing in gold is the purchase of physical gold. There, in the event of a return to the original joint-stock company, you pay to go to the percentage and pay the percentage of the price as a fee for the purchase of ingots and bricks.

Invest in gold and bitcoin…

but prepare for long-term reln losses. Bitcoin and gold are not investments that you will ever miss out on. If you continue to tell them, at least I recommend sacrificing a lot of money, not the one you are thinking about now.