Companies hire all employees to hkat. Mistake people in the labor market

Until recently, companies added to employees the payment of meal vouchers and various connections because they paid for taxes. Today, with at least 133,000 people making mistakes, voluntary benefits have become a necessity. And so companies stand out in how to hit employees.

Pension companies and banks have blamed new ways to get into the business community. To find out how the salaries of the company’s salary are the most common, they conducted a survey among companies.

According to ING, which surveyed among the 100 largest companies in the Czech Republic, more than half of them use salary contributions in the first place as an incentive to hit employees in the company. There are programs that are starting to be paid for after a long stay in the company, you have been in the company since this year, describes Jan bal from ING.

It can be paid out and over time, for example, by pension or life insurance, when the employer raises the contribution over time. In the Czech Republic, 3.8 million people have a life share in life, a quarter of them thanks to their employers.

Holiday for corporate chatA survey for the food company Accor Services, known by its tickets, revealed that out of 611 companies surveyed, 78 percent of them, in addition to paying their people, also had some benefits. In addition to meal vouchers, there are, for example, supplements for health services, extra holidays and contributions to culture, education and recreation. In addition to discounted telephone services and mobile phones, T-Mobile employees can choose a holiday with a discount and tenths of the price at nine travel agencies.

You and CK Fischer have arranged a company discount for a holiday discount for their people, including those that belong to the travel owner Karel Komrek. In this year alone, we need 300 percent, in this segment, to cost hundreds of millions of crowns, according to Fischer Dan Plovajko.

More than a thousand employees of the Mountfield business center can use the company mountain hut at a suitable price. Vbrov company has two contributions to the summer holidays, Vclav Brom speaks with the fact that it is very popular among employees of three favorable loans. Pesto and this company are looking for new people with victims.

Even carmakers such as TPCA and Hyundai were disappointed to rely on thousands of people to pay their salaries, and it was not customary in the industry.

According to HR professionals and companies that offer benefits, such as food companies or insurance companies, TPCA is the first to complete a completely new and rich employee benefit program, but keep it a secret.

The consulting company Deloitte has responded that 15 percent of people will leave the company in the Czech Republic. This is not a big difference from abroad.

The difference is in what companies pay to pay. In Western Europe, where the pension reform has taken place, contributions to pensions, life insurance or life insurance are increasing. In Central Europe and in the Czech Republic itself, the short-term benefits of the masses are fixed by the company phone, car, sweat, meal vouchers. But over time, that will change, Martina Janiukov, a HR specialist specializing in employee benefits from Fincentrum.

Plat and what for?97% Contribution to the board 86% Pension pipojitn 86% of knees and courses 78% Sport, culture, recreation 75% Sluebn car 50% Favorable loans 47% Working time off42 % ivotn pojitn 36% Drky 33% Company products at a discount 25% Pechodn hostel 22% Nkup vyazench aut, mobil 19% Transport contribution 14% Monost purchase of the company’s share Pramen: przkum Czech Top 100, Ogilvy PR, ING