Complicated building joints can accompany complications

The building spoen me inherited only one left. It is a fundamental fact, which is enshrined in the building savings agreement. He always has an advantage over the civil end and even more. If no agreement is reached between the heirs, who becomes a new participant in the building society will expire on the day of the death of the original owner.

At present, building societies register over five million building savings contracts during the savings period. Simplified, we can state that the contract is concluded for all kinds of people, including small children and the elderly. Therefore, there is often a situation where the people build a building contract after their close relatives.

Announce the death of the owner of the building society as soon as possible

In the event that the owner of the building savings land, it is necessary to comply not only with the conditions of the contract, but also the procedure for disposing of the land. First of all, you need to inform the building society as soon as possible about the death of its client, by sending a copy of the dead letter.

The sweat is then taken over by the woman, in the course of which there is either a part of the building connection, which according to the continuing storage means, or the building connection is completed.

Immediately after the end of the child’s marriage, it is necessary to inform the building society who has become the heir of the building society, by sending a copy of the notation file. In the event that you decide to terminate the building savings, you must agree with the savings bank on the next procedure related to the termination of the building savings.

Who here builds the building

Building savings as a product of building societies comes with a building savings. 96/1993 Coll., Its part is also § 8, which precisely determines how to proceed in the event of death of a building society member. In practice, this means that this end of the priority both before the civil end, regulating the rules of the day, and before the increase, which would contradict the end of the building connection.

The building connection is characterized by one, very important specificity, it cannot be divided among several partitions.

In an ordinary case, the inheritance of the building society is the spouse, to whom, according to the first, the obligations arising from the contract on the building society of the landlord. My husband and wife got up to decide whether to continue the contract or not.

Another situation arises in the case that the landowner of the building society did not have a husband or wife. Then the first and the obligations arising from the building connection are the subject of ddn. The basic fact of the bag is that only one person can inherit. It is therefore up to the children to agree in the framework of the subordination, who will be the owner and then become the owner of the building savings contract, which I will dispose of according to my name. I should continue to sleep, or terminate it.

If no agreement is reached between the parties of the child’s wife, the building contract expires on the day of the owner’s contract. As described in paragraph 3 of Section 8 of the said Act, the term “only the amount of the year in question and the proportion of the amount of support as of the date of the death of the building society” shall apply. This means that the proportional amount of support from the amount saved on the building savings of the agricultural client is paid to the inheritance even if the deadline for the building savings is not ended.

For old contracts, you can get from 9,000 crowns and 9,000 crowns

Given that the average client of building societies is about 50 percent of them, it is very likely that the heir of the building society will have concluded its own contract. What about state aid? Mddic year for two hundred supports, even only one?

Eligibility for permanent support for building societies according to the date of conclusion of contracts

contract – concluded
contract – concluded
Entitled to sttn support
– own contract
Entitled to sttn support
– zddn contract
do 31. 12. 2003 do 31. 12. 2003 Yes – max. 4,500 K Yes – max. 4,500 K
do 31. 12. 2003 from 1st January 2004 Yes – max. 4,500 K Born
from 1st January 2004 do 31. 12. 2003 Born Yes – max. 4,500 K
from 1st January 2004 from 1st January 2004 Yes – max. 3,000 crowns in total for all contracts

Rostislav Trvnek from eskomoravsk stavebná spoitelny mentions the interesting possibility of drawing on state aid for concluded contracts: “There is one situation, vi 3,000 crowns. These are so-called hybrids, which means that the contracts were not granted state aid for the year 2004 or there was an initiative to introduce a claim for state aid from 1 January 2005 and later. Even in this case, the year for granting support for both contracts, even if the maximum is 3,000 crowns.

Loading with a good contract is practically unlimited

The masonry of the contract with the owner of the building society and the contract can be disposed of according to their needs – in accordance with the building savings law and the general business conditions of the building society, the building society and, of course, always within the conditions under which the contract was concluded by the client.

In practice, this means that the new owner of the contract can increase the tariff, change the tariff variant, draw a hellhole, or even from the building savings.