Counseling: help for debts

Do you have problems with the fulfillment of the loan and the refinancing in the form of consolidation until you have not reached one? If you do not want to fall into spirly debt, and even end up being a homeless person, try contacting one of the civic counseling centers.

Money, savings

According to expert estimates, 15 percent of people in the Czech Republic could have problems meeting them, and that was not enough. In that case, I would not recommend that the people take Andrea Bhlkov, chairwoman of the SPES association, to pay the current debt. Pestoe counseling center has only been operating for a year, we have helped many people. You, because we made them think about the management of their household. We will help them file the company’s installments to defer the installments or adjust the installment calendar. If they then pay regularly, it may not happen that the worst will happen. The biggest problem is finding the right way to work with clients. They have the idea that we will then sweep them in a few months. But for the time being, it’s a matter of a few years, he continues.

Beware of the contract

It is true that information about other fees, which are related to the heat, is often written in such a small dog that they are easy to swallow, so it’s a good idea to go to everything before asking, not to act in a hurry, advice Andrea Bhlkov. It is important to know that you can insure yourself against the inability to pay due to loss of employment or long-term illness. Some banks have it included in the price of the installment, for others pay approximately three and six percent of the installment. Where to find help: Obansk sdruen SPES (, psychological counseling,

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