CSU plans climate bond with two percent interest

In times of negative interest rates and increased attention to climate protection, the CSU wants to have found the perfect solution: A climate bond with a positive return, guaranteed by the state.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt in Berlin in June

WITHTo finance climate protection, the CSU suggests issuing a state bond with an annual interest rate of two percent for savers. “Climate protection now needs billions to be invested in climate-friendly technologies,” said CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt of “Bild am Sonntag”. “That is why we want to encourage and reward citizens’ investments in climate protection with guaranteed positive interest rates.” A climate bond should be issued “with a government-guaranteed return of two percent per year and a term until 2030”.

The ten-year bond should be issued by the state-owned KfW banking group. “We have a real chance of a broad citizen movement for the climate. I want positive interest rates for climate investments and no negative interest rates for destroying money, ”said Dobrindt.

The deputy chairmen of the Union parliamentary group, Andreas Jung (CDU) and Georg Nüßlein (CSU), welcome the plans for a state bond to finance climate protection. “We support the idea of ​​a climate bond,” said the parliamentary group vices responsible for the climate issue. “The black zero has to stay there. It is also an expression of sustainability. “

Jung and Nüßlein head a “Climate Coordination Group”, which is supposed to work out the basis for climate protection legislation for the Union by September. The Union politicians argued that a climate bond was “a good way to promote climate protection, involve citizens and reduce interest rate frustration”. Climate neutrality can thus be promoted through private funds: “A broad citizens’ initiative for green and black zero instead of zero return and zero goat. Because when savers have no return or even pay on it, annoyance arises. “

According to the deliberations of the two parliamentary groups, investments in technologies as well as climate protection projects for forest conservation, for example, should be promoted, nationally and internationally. “Because the forest fires in the Amazon are once again dramatically showing us that climate protection is a global challenge.” With a climate bond, citizens could “make a concrete contribution to achieving the goals”.