Daimler threatens to end the electrical campus in Untertürkheim

There is a lot of trouble at Daimler. The automaker accuses the works council in the main plant of a blockade and announced that it will examine alternative locations for the planned electrical competence center.

The logo of Daimler AG at the corporate headquarters in the Mercedes Benz plant in Untertürkheim

IIn the dispute over the future of its main plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, the car manufacturer Daimler accuses the works council of blocking and threatens alternative locations for the planned electrical competence center. “The negotiators on the employee side insist that all existing agreements are implemented unchanged,” it says in an internal information to the employees, which is available to the German Press Agency.

From the point of view of that time, they were sensible and correct, but the situation has fundamentally changed. “Sticking to the status quo is therefore not an option,” write board members Markus Schäfer and Jörg Burzer.

In order to create space for the planned “Campus Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems”, the car manufacturer wants to relocate other parts of production. However, the works council insists that compensation will be created for any work that is lost in the course of the switch to electromobility, as previously agreed. One point of contention is the manufacture of crankshafts.

“One thing is clear: If the new crankshaft production comes to Untertürkheim in full, we will have to examine alternative scenarios for the Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems campus,” the letter to the employees now says. “Because a bundling of future technologies is then no longer possible in Untertürkheim due to lack of space.”

A Daimler spokeswoman confirmed that various alternatives are currently being examined. In order to implement future technologies in Untertürkheim as planned, the corresponding conditions would have to be created there, for example in terms of the areas. This also means that it is not possible to stick to the traditional portfolio. However, one continues to strive for a constructive solution together with the employee representatives.

The dispute over Untertürkheim has been smoldering for weeks. According to the works council, several thousand jobs will be cut there in the course of the renovation. With regard to the course of the company as a whole, General Works Council chief Michael Brecht accuses the management of acting “absolutely resistant to advice”.