A Surprising Discovery

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and compassion, a tiny and tenacious road puppy from the Groendal territory in the Western Cape region of South Africa has captured the hearts of many. This little pup, despite his size, embodies the spirit of sharing and positivity. Rescuers stumbled upon him on the side of a street, wagging his tail gleefully and holding a piece of stale bread. His touching story showcases the power of hope even in the face of adversity.

Rescuers from Walkway Specials came across the young puppy, who was later named Gunnar, in a seemingly abandoned state. He stood there with a piece of stale bread, a testament to his determination to share even in difficult circumstances. The rescuers were amazed to find that Gunnar’s spirit remained unbroken, despite the challenges he had faced.

Battling Against the Odds: Gunnar’s initial condition was a cause for concern. He was anemic and battling tick bite fever, with an eye infection demanding immediate attention. Rescuers noted that he also struggled with severe worm and tick issues, making his situation even more dire. However, Gunnar’s unyielding will to survive and his astonishingly positive attitude impressed everyone involved in his rescue.

From Rescue to Recovery: After a week of dedicated care at the veterinarian, Gunnar’s health began to improve. His determination to bounce back from his difficult past proved to be an inspiration. The rescuers, who had witnessed his unrelenting spirit, were delighted to announce that Gunnar was now ready for adoption.

Finding His Forever Home

Gunnar’s story took an even more heartwarming turn when he found his forever home within a mere two weeks after leaving the veterinarian’s care. Freya, his new owner, described him as “tiny, like, half of my arm.” Despite his diminutive size, Gunnar’s heart was as big as ever. He adapted seamlessly to his new family, a clear sign of his trusting nature.

Embracing New Beginnings: Freya shared that Gunnar’s curiosity knew no bounds. As a pup who had faced abandonment, he embarked on a journey of exploration with unbridled enthusiasm. Every new experience seemed to delight him, whether it was stepping onto grass for the first time or discovering the world around him.

A Rockstar with a Unique Passion: Gunnar’s newfound family quickly noticed his peculiar fascination with rocks. Freya recalled the charming ritual he had developed. He would search for the perfect rock, meticulously selecting one that captured his attention. Then, with a sense of pride, he would present his chosen rock to his human companions.

A Growing Family: Gunnar’s presence brought immeasurable joy to Freya’s family. In fact, the family had begun fostering other animals at the start of the pandemic, creating an environment filled with playmates and companions for Gunnar. This decision not only enriched Gunnar’s life but also had a positive impact on the family dynamic.

A Natural Leader: Gunnar’s father shared that his son had a naturally friendly and curious demeanor. Gunnar’s interactions with the foster animals showcased his leadership qualities, as he confidently guided his new furry friends around the house. Despite the changes in his life, Gunnar’s essential happiness remained unchanged.

Gunnar’s journey from abandonment to a loving forever home is a testament to the indomitable spirit of animals and the power of compassion. His ability to share a piece of bread, even in the face of adversity, serves as a heartwarming reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a profound impact. Gunnar’s story is a beacon of hope, illuminating the potential for love and positivity in every situation.


1. How was Gunnar discovered? Gunnar, the road puppy, was discovered by rescuers on the side of a street in the Groendal territory.

2. What challenges did Gunnar face initially? Gunnar battled anemia, tick bite fever, severe worm and tick issues, and an eye infection.

3. How did Gunnar’s rescuers describe his attitude? Gunnar’s rescuers praised his “absolutely positive attitude” despite his difficult circumstances.

4. How quickly did Gunnar find his forever home? Gunnar was adopted into his forever home just two weeks after leaving the veterinarian’s care.

5. What unique fascination did Gunnar have? Gunnar had a special fondness for rocks, often choosing and presenting them to his family in a charming manner.

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