Detailed pehled peklenovacch vr stavebnch spoitelen

Only mortgages are available for financial housing. Building societies offer long-term hellish vultures that resemble mortgage properties. In addition, you can find some benefits that mortgages hold.

This comment is included in the series, which deals with the hellish construction of building societies. In the latter, according to the infernal vry of the building societies Wstenrot and Modr pyramida.

The aim of this series was not to compare the suitability of the products of individual savings banks, but to provide a detailed overview of hellings, which can currently be agreed, and show their properties, how the parameters can differ from each other and what clients can expect from them.

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna

The Wstenrot building society distinguishes between two basic types of infernal doors. Favorable SUPERVR is intended for those applicants who have been clients of any of the building societies for at least one year. This condition is fulfilled even in the event that the building company has a single partner or a minor of the applicant’s child. The rest of the question is the hellhound in PARTNER.

SUPERVR is provided with a zero down payment, but your deposit is required, ie the annual rate is paid by the client. If there is enough of the infernal tax at least six months before the expected allocation of human resources, the annual rate is only 2.5%. And up to three hundred thousand crowns is provided without collateral.

This hellhound is also a possible pilgrimage for the construction of a crushed apartment, when the applicant does not have real estate available, which he could put into a mortgage. In this case, I get two million crowns and only two guarantors and a life insurance contract will be provided. However, the rate is quite enough for you, as can be seen in the table below.

Peklenovac vr PARTNER is intended for clients who do not have one building site for at least one year. Even with it, it is not necessary to make a necessary deposit on the savings bank and it is possible to cover it and one hundred percent of the price of the purchased property. years rate is a bag about something not at SUPERVER. Its specificity depends on the agreed target. Up to two hundred thousand crowns, the rate is 6.6%, with a full amount and a mortgage on the property is reduced to 4.9%. Completely without a secured client, he will receive only fifty thousand crowns.

Peklenovac vr The first apartment is intended for young people under 36 years of age and is used to co-finance a newlywed loan from the State Housing Development Fund. Roen is a favorable annual rate of 3.9%.

The Wstenrot building society is thus one of the largest providers in the field of residential housing and housing associations. Peklenovac vr REVIT plus is intended for these first persons for financial repairs, reconstruction and modernization of apartment buildings. It can be combined with individual vry provided to individual tenants and their own apartments. It allows owners of prefabricated houses to obtain support from the State Development Fund living under the PANEL program.

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna
in advance (% C) my fare variant years rate
Peklenovac vr PARTNER **
0% OF (C do 200 tis. K) 6,60%
0% OF (C over 200 thousand K) 4,90%
Peklenovac vr SUPERVR
0% OF 4,80% / pro DB 6,3 %
10% OF, OK 4,80%
40% OF 4.5% or 2.5% *
50% YOU 4.5% or 2.5% *
Peklenovac vr PRVN BYT
0% OF 3,9%

Source: building societyNotes:C = customs duty, DB = return to residential housing* SUPERVR: Reduced rate of 2.5% salary for the case when it is enough about Supervr max. 6 msc before the expected assignment of a person.** PARTNER: The rate of 6.6% is intended for vry with a customs fee of 20 – 200 thousand crowns, vry with C min. 200 thousand crowns and a mortgage for real estate with a rate of 4.9%.

In the table, in addition to the current deposit required for the provision of hell and years, the tariff variants are listed. For each of the above, you must have a building savings contract agreed in the following tariff variant. Wstenrot distinguishes a total of three, denoting them by the abbreviations OF, ON, OS and OK. They differ from each other in installments and down payment of the day of the building savings and also recommended in the regular deposit to the savings bank.

Wstenrot – tarifn varianty spoen
rate down payment vru (% C) msn spltka vru (% C) recommended msn deposit (% C)
OF 40% 0,7% 0,5%
ON 50% 0,5% 0,5%
YOU 50% 0,6% 0,5%
OK 30% 0,7% 0,25 %

Source: building societyNotes: C = clov stka

Blue pyramid building savings bank

The blue pyramid distinguishes its hellish boils in the first place according to the elu for which they are used. The Housing program is intended for the financial construction of housing, ie for the construction and purchase of real estate, the construction of a crushed apartment, landlords and children, the refinancing of other people and the like. Peklenovac vry within the Reconstruction program, on the other hand, are intended for financing gossip and changes in housing and buildings to housing.

The application decides together with the required deposit on the savings and the use of the secured deposit on a specific year rate. The following table lists my combinations. Vry used for the purpose of housing are, under otherwise the same conditions, annual rates at a rate not intended for reconstruction. If the client at the time of the complaint has enough to spend more than 35% of the tax, he will get a suitable rate without making a deposit. And the final decision on your rates will be decided as much as the savings bank offers. For example, a lien on real estate or a bank deposit, under otherwise the same conditions, provide a lower rate than the guarantee bonds. The method of securing, however, is not entirely arbitrary, depending on, for example, the faith.

Blue pyramid building savings bank

Two programs according to el use hell. vru:

Living program Reconstruction Program
Zpsob zajitn vru: down payment 0 – 35 % C down payment over 35% C down payment 0 – 35 % C down payment over 35% C
bez zajitn 7,2 % 6,9 % 7,3 % 7,1 %
ruitel 6,8 % 6,5 % 7,2 % 6,8 %
real estate, deposit, bankruptcy C to 299 tis. 5,5 % 5,1 % 6,3 % 6,1 %
C of 300 thousand ve 4,69 % 4,39 % 5,1 % 4,8 %
Hypovr 100 5,29 % 5,29 % 5,29 % 5,29 %

Source: building societyNotes:C = clov stka; The minimum in “Hypovre” and “Hypovor 100” is 300,000 crowns. The mortgage of the property may be replaced by another suitable collateral, e.g. deposit or bank slip. The rate is fixed for at least 6 years.

Hypovr a Hypovr 100

Hypovr is a hellhound vr, its parameters are similar to a mortgage:

* Extended maturity and 25 years to ensure the payment of the installment (but of course you have paid the total years and fees not at short maturities).* It is provided from zero down payment, so you do not need a long-term savings.* years The rate is not constant for the entire maturity period, as is usual for vr from building societies, but is fixed only for six years. As with the mortgage, it may change according to current market conditions.* The minimum is not arbitrary, it must be at least one hundred thousand crowns.* Must be secured by a mortgage first to the property. Unlike a mortgage, it is instead possible to attach to, for example, a mortgage first to a bank deposit or bank draft.

The advantage compared to a mortgage is the possibility to repay early at any time without penalty fees. Hypovr 100 can be used and at full 100% of the property price, the rate is up to you.