Do-it-yourself platform Dawanda has shut down

Whether crocheted cactus or rolling pin with engraving: The Dawanda platform sold (felt) everything. Now the provider has shut down. An American company fills the gap.

In 2012, the home-made business was still flourishing on Dawanda, and the online marketplace closed its doors on Friday.

NAfter around twelve years, the Dawanda online marketplace was closed on Friday night. Dealers sold a lot of homemade things on the portal. Since Friday morning, visitors to the website have been automatically redirected to the pages of the former competitor Etsy, with whom Dawanda has made a corresponding agreement. Dawanda announced the closure around two months ago.

At that time, founder and managing director Claudia Helming wrote that handmade products had been established as a new category in online retail. “Nevertheless, in recent years we have increasingly had to admit that we will not be able to drive growth further on our own.” Dawanda is not insolvent, but action has to be taken to ensure that the sellers “maintain their companies and their incomes in the long term and secure further growth ”.

Dawanda was founded in Berlin at the end of 2006. Clothing, decorations and children’s items were also on offer – from crocheted hats to pacifier chains. Dawanda had recommended his sellers to switch to the American shopping portal Etsy. Both portals have reached an agreement and developed a tool so that Dawanda sellers can move their shops.

Missed the right time to sell your company

Helming said to the “Tagesspiegel”: “I think we could, should and should have sold earlier.” She missed the right time for this, and now it is too late for a “classic company sale”. This is how the agreement with Etsy came about. When asked by the dpa, an Etsy spokeswoman did not want to say whether this stipulates that Etsy will pay Dawanda money to take over the seller. Helming told the “Tagessiegel”: “In a way, yes. But I can’t say anything about the sums. “

Dawanda was a portal for people from the “do-it-yourself” scene who wanted to earn money with their products. Over time, around 7 million members had registered. They should be able to view their user profiles until the end of October. By the end of the year, Dawanda should also be available by email.